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PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 1:15 am 
so i was walking through the house tonight, kenzi in bed, me about to clean the kitchen and see mom off to work, when my poor little piggies came face to face with kenzis car seat. well at this point i was already yelling at my dad for leaving his *#@& in the middle of the living room, so in a fit of rage, i kick the car seat across the room, at the same time, scaring the hell out of my mother! so then i walk back to my dads comp room to tell him what an *** i am and i tripped on the car seat, well on my way down the hall back to the living room, i see colored stuff on the floor, so i look closer, its red, so i happen to glance at my pretty little piggies and lo and behold, a split open bloody toe! it happen to be the piggy that had none, the poor little guy between the wee wee wee all the way home, and the one at the market! or as i call her, "my ring toe"!! so i sit down to take a closer look and right above my toenail., its split wide open!!! now see just how dangerous car seats can be? if you complain about someone leaving something in the middle of the floor, thet car seat will jump right out there for you to trip on so that you, the hell raiser about clutter, shall reap what you have sown! so that ladies and germs, is just how dangerous a car seat can be! be careful, tis a cruel world out ther....

and speaking of kenzi, poor thing has been whimpering in pain all day, and just woke up a few minutes ago, crying out her "maaaaaaaa im in pain cry" so i gave her tylenol, and a nice warm ba-ba, and now she in bed :):) poor thing, i cried earlier, i was changin her diaper, and when i took hr pants off, her legs were swollen up so that her diaper was really tight on her legs, and when i undid it, she started wailing! :(:( ok so im going to bed now, i just got a burst of energy and had to waste it somewheres!

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