G-d Bless The Swaddle!

Parents of the last decade know these 2 facts:

1) Babies should be put to sleep on their backs.

2) Babies that sleep on their backs are unable to control their reflexes, causing them to flail their arms, waking themselves up.. and you guessed it.. waking you up.

Certainly the discovery that putting an infant to sleep on it’s back could be lifesaving has helped many mothers sleep at night, yet placing them on their backs has nullifed that!

So what is the solution? The most fantastic creation ever, my first pick of the picks, my dont leave home without, my new best friend.

Swaddle MeThe SWADDLE.

The Swaddle is a glorified blanket that is created in a way to envelop your child snugly, arms, legs and all, ala the womb, to lull them into a reflexless, spasmless, blissless sleep.

It was very hard for me to use at first. I am claustrophobic and here I was placing my baby in a straightjacket! It seemed inhumane.

Unfortunately my son isnt as into the swaddle as some of his friends, but since I am a WAHM (work at home mom), I have the luxury of allowing him to nap on his stomach while I work right next to him.

The Swaddles are very affordably priced, considering their awesome value!
Have a good nights sleep – on me! Buy the Swaddle Me!

~ Andrea & AJ ~

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