Kids… why go outside and play when you can be inside watching TV!!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have only seen a handful of Simpsons in like the 20 years?? they have been on the air. Yet I managed to catch the brilliance that is Homer Simpson in educating his children:

“Why go outside and play when you can be inside watching TV”??

On this lazy Memorial Day weekend, it was beginning to get too hot to go out during certain times of the day, so I felt like cozying up with my kids. But they were coloring and riding their bikes! hmm..what to do.. Well kids have this extra sensory hearing… so I took out the present from my parents that I had stashed away and slowly started to peel away at the plastic wrapping. My kids heard the peeling of paper and ran from doors away to find out what their mother was opening. Yes Homer and I have something in common – I am officially guilty of taking my kids away from nature to fill their innocent minds with destruction and smut that is Hollywood today.  But what FUN it was!!!

I am talking about Cars – The Movie by Disney/Pixar.

Lightning McQueen and Mater I think I was more enthralled than my children.  The unbelievable talent.. the music, the animation, the jokes, the everything! It was just so good! A sign of a good movie is when you leave the theater (computer screen) and are compelled to talk about it.  The kids had other things on their minds – like what else can we get her to let us watch – so I am blogging about it.

Isnt it neat how they make animated film to entertain both children and adults? They find the subtle humor to drop between the lines for their adult crowd, without losing the babies rapt ADD I need constant entertainment attention.

Ok, there now I feel better :).  If you want to find it 2nd hand to add to your collection – here is the current offering available at Ebay



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