Happy Fathers Day!!

Today’s MAN is a much different composite than a few generations back. I am not sure of the origins of ‘Fathers Day’ but when I was growing up, it should have been called ‘Primary Bread Winner Day’.. since unless it came to teaching us how to say ‘hangober’ instead of hamburger, get your ‘feets’ on, instead of shoes, and going on nightly excursions with flashlights to hide behind the bushes lest the evil people driving with their headlights on come out to get us… my Dad was pretty typical for his generation.

Actually my Dad is a ‘crossover’, since my sister, born 16 years after me and on the cusp of a new generation, gave him a chance to do that which he did not do with us. No – not act mature. Change Diapers, bathe, and dress her, etc..

Today it is not uncommon to find stay at home Dads, and actually very common to find fathers who share a large part in the child’s rearing.

So it is no surprise that items available on the market reflect this.

Here is my Fathers Day suggestion:

Daddy's Survival Kit

New Daddy’s Survival Kit Deluxe – Men’s Diaper Bag/ Backpack Plus – Unique New Dad or Father’s Day Gift Idea!

However, you cant expect to convert a gender overnight…. so dont be surprised when you come across the ‘gag’ gift items also for the New Dad – like the diaper changing apron.p>

As you would expect, Amazon has Awesome Stuff for the NEW DAD,

My favorite (based on Title alone) – Keeping the Baby Alive Till Your Wife Gets Home

Check it out!

Happy Fathers Day!!

Be Well,

~~ Andrea

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