I Have Saved My Son’s life several times today!

**We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring something very important to your attention** 🙂

Everyone knows that parents are responsible for much more than our child’s well being.. They count on us for their entire survival every moment of every day.

However, since that is just the nature of being a MOM to a young baby, you dont always pay attention to it. It is just a fact and taken for granted.. well our babies take everything for granted!

Our homes are full of imminent danger and potential accidents and it is our JOB as the parent to seek these dangers out, and remove them! I had a socket come off the wall, exposing a bare outlet. The electrician was aghast that I even waited a day to call him. He kept tsk tsking and shaking his head back and forth..  🙁

The inspiration for this post comes from my delicious little AJ who has managed to change my life overnight. Not only has he learned to crawl, but he sprints when he crawls, and it is with purpose. He seeks out the smallest piece of lint and is off! All day long is a series of ‘whats in your mouth?’, squeezing his cheeks, and sweeping his mouth to make certain nothing entered.

I was stunned to actually find myself removing several dangerous objects, and literally SAVING HIS LIFE.  I am too embarrased to share with you the particular items, but I am shaken up enough to know that the next few months in my life are not going to bring the ‘freedom’ I expected that a 7 month old baby would bring.

Let your babies explore, touch, smell, taste… but PLEASE.. Please watch them welll!!

~~andrea & AJ

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