Toddler + Airplane = ADHD

Ariella just flew with her son overseas, and will be sharing her traveling experience with us shortly. It reminded me about one (of many!) flight with my toddler at the time..

A few years ago, we found ourselves sitting in the airplane. PARKED. for several hours. It was 5 PM. Our 2 year old daughter was legitimitely antsy, and she appropriately expressed herself by standing on the seat, occassionally hollering, babbling, chanting ‘I wants’. You get the picture.

A stewardess came over to request that we ‘shut our child up’.

She proceeded to share with us her insights.

“I believe your daughter has ADHD. You should get that checked out. When we went to Hawaii, I told my 2 year old that if you want to go with us, you had better sit down and keep quiet”

As I was 8 months pregnant at the time and more selfish about my NEEDS – such as being served my meals over the next 12 hours without getting ‘punished’ by telling this stewardess what I REALLY felt about her and Hawaii, I kept quiet about her sage advice.

She did manage to suck it up at the end of the flight when we were leaving and it suddenly dawned on her that she had not heard a peep from my daughter in the last 11 hours.

Threatening a 2 year old with Hawaii?? Gee whiz.

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