Planes, Trains, Automobiles + 1 toddler

As promised, Ariella is writing to us from the nest..

We are on the road (and in the air!!!) We travelled overseas to visit both my parents and my-inlaws. In a little over 3 weeks,we will be staying in my parents house, my in-laws house, my uncles cottage, our friends ‘shack on a lake’, a hotel, back to my in-laws, back to my parents, staying with friends in a few different cities and back on a plane AGAIN (!)

This means that Joseph will have slept in over 7 different beds, ride in 5 different cars and car seats and travel in 4 airplanes, be held by over 30 ‘strangers’, meet 3 new pet dogs and 1 cat, and cross four different countries borders.

Upon our return to home sweet home, we MOVE the next day. We are either sadistic, crazy, and without a doubt pushing our luck. Icing on the cake? Joseph is starting a new nursery program the day after that.

Without being biased, which I am, Joseph has really proven his flexibility this trip and is, as always, growing up daily. On this trip he has learned how to put together lego pieces, drink from a ‘big boy’ cup all by himself, let all his grandparents ( and his GREAT grandparents! ) hold him, learn a few first words, pet his first dog (s), got his walking skills down!, ‘swim’ in a pool and generally laugh and giggle up a storm.

In general Joseph is throwing crazy joy all around him- where ever he goes.And he’s only been cranky twice.

maybe three or four times – but whose counting?

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