Who has the last Laugh??

So…my Husband went out of town.

Dont tell anyone, but I am excited about having the place to myself. I think about just having some ME time. No extra dirty dishes, dirty underwear, and frankly no ‘how are you today’ conversations that sometimes I could do without.

I know many of you are nodding your heads in agreement. If you are one of those women at the park who cant sleep well at night if your husband isnt home, just click off this page right now.


I am nursing the baby, get up to get the kids off to school, working/watching baby during the day, taking care of the kids when they come home, policing all day when they fight, do lunch, park, dinner, storytime, 2 kids to bed, then me and the baby hang out with my older son when he comes home, we talk, feed both, bathe baby, have some obligatory phone calls thrown in there, clean up after everyone, do a load of laundry, wonder if my 4 year old who has forgotten he is potty trained, and my daughter who complains of burning urine need doctors, put the baby to sleep, that lasts 20 minutes and he decides he is up to PLAY. It is now 11:30 PM. I am nodding off in front of the computer, before realizing my baby puts everything in sight in his mouth and must be watched. I get up to grab something to eat, since I dont usually fall asleep with food in my mouth, watch/ignore him until he tires out, get him to bed, sit back down to finish up my today HAVE-TO’s, only to nod off again, crawl into bed, and wake up to hear the baby crying and start the day all over again.

Taking care of kids/life from sun up to sundown, there is no time to enjoy his absence. Yet he will get to fly back overseas and ‘rest off’ his jet lag with a delicious afternoon nap, while I continue with the same above mentioned schedule.

I swear my whole life is jet lag.

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