Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat – Huge Sale

The Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat is on sale now. Get the lowest price here.

The Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat is on sale again!

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Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat – Lowest price

The Britax Marathon is a very popular car seat and for good reason. It’s got a ton of safety features and is very comfortable for your child.

If you plan to get this car seat – make sure you get it on sale, because the best prices are now!

Britax Marathon Sale

Britax Marathon sale. How to get the lowest prices.

Britax Marathon Sale

What You Really Need To Know

If you are looking for a Britax Marathon sale, I can help you out.

Twice a year Britax has a huge sale where car seats are 10-20% off their regular prices. During the rest of the year it is very hard to find the car seats on sale. However, often has coupons and discounts on particular models. So if you want to get the Britax Marathon for the lowest price, check out the Britax Marathon Sale page on!

Britax Car Seat Sale

The April 2009 Britax Car Seat Sale is Here. Here’s where you can find the lowest prices online. Order Your Britax Car Seat Now.

The Britax Sale Is Here!

Click on the car seat you want for the best prices:

Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat – Best Price

Britax Frontier Booster Seat – Best Price

Britax Boulevard Car Seat – Best Price

Britax Boulevard CS Car Seat – Best Price

Britax Roundabout Convertible Car Seat – Best Price

Thanks to for keeping us updated with the lowest prices for the Britax car seat sale. If you want more information, visit the Britax Car Seat Sale page on

Lots of people have been waiting for the February 2010 Britax car seat sale and it is here! Take advantage of it today, and get your Britax car seat for the lowest price.

Here’s a summary of the various Britax Car Seats (descriptions taken from

Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat:

Britax Marathon Sale The Marathon from Britax is a durable, convertible car seat that helps keep your child safe and secure in the car. Ideal for parents seeking premium comfort and a higher, forward-facing harnessed weight capacity, the Marathon fits children rear facing from five to 35 pounds and children forward facing from at least one year old and 20 pounds, up to 65 pounds. Both positions can accommodate a standing height up to 49 inches.

Britax Frontier Booster Car Seat:

Britax Frontier Sale Keep your child safe and secure in the car with the Frontier Harness-2-Booster seat from Britax. Loaded with comfort and safety features, the Frontier is ideal for children ready to transition from their convertible car seat. It accommodates a weight capacity of up to 80 pounds in forward-facing, and serves as a vehicle belt-positioning booster for children weighing up to 100 pounds. The Frontier is also certified for air travel.

Britax Boulevard Car Seat:

Britax Boulevard Sale The Boulevard from Britax offers a host of comfort and safety features designed to keep your child secure while traveling in the car. Made to accommodate your child throughout his or her infancy, the Boulevard can be used as either rear facing for babies five to 35 pounds and a standing height of 49 inches or less, or forward facing for those babies weighing 20 to 65 pounds, with a standing height of 49 inches or less.

Britax Boulevard CS Click and Safe Car Seat:

Britax Boulevard CS Sale The Britax Boulevard CS car seat is similar to the regular Britax Boulevard, yet it introduces the new Click and Safe snug harness indicator, the latest advancement in child safety, which addresses the leading misuse with safety child seats. The Click and Safe feature is an audible aide to help determine when the harness is secure by clicking when the harness straps are snug.

Britax Roundabout Convertible Car Seat:

Britax Roundabout Sale The Roundabout from Britax is a sturdy and reliable restraint system that helps protect your child in the car. Designed for children rear facing from five to 35 pounds and forward facing from at least one year old and 20 pounds to 40 pounds, with a standing height of up to 40 inches for both positions, this convenient seat features a versatile, contoured base that fits in almost any car.

The February 20 Britax car seat sale ends soon so what are you waiting for?

Long Stem Yellow Roses

Long stem yellow roses. Order them for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.

Long Stem Yellow Roses. Don’t you love them?

Valentine’s day is coming up so I thought I would share some of my favorite bouquets. Click on the images to get to Teleflora – where you can get these bouquets at a 15% discount.

12 Yellow Roses 12 Long Stem Yellow Roses:

A dozen yellow roses arrive perfectly arranged in a clear glass vase. These sun-filled yellow roses represent friendship and joy.

6 long stem yellow roses6 Long Stem Yellow Roses:Half a dozen rich yellow roses in a clear glass vase. With their sun-drenched color and graceful blooms, it’s easy to see why yellow roses evoke joy and happiness.

Long Stem Yellow RosesMore Yellow Roses:Yellow spray roses and cymbidium orchids accented with seeded eucalyptus are delivered in a glass vase lined with flax.

A dozen yellow roses A Dozen Long Stem Yellow Roses in a Clear Vase:
A dozen yellow roses with solidago and myrtle in a clear vase. These flowers represent friendship, affection and remembrance, and the presentation is very impressive.

Baby bottles without BPA

If you want to ensure your baby gets the best start in life, you need to make sure you use baby bottles without BPA. Here are the top 3 bottle without BPA.

Baby bottles without BPA (Bisphenol-A) are important to your babies’ health.

If you want to ensure your baby gets the best start in life, you need to make sure you use baby bottles without BPA. BPA exposure during childhood may affect the brain and behavior development of your baby, and may cause all kinds of disorders such as diabetes and liver problems. That is why parents like you are looking to find bottles without BPA for their babies.

In order to help you find baby bottles without BPA I created a BPA free bottles list.

Here are the top 3 bottle without BPA:

Avent Bottles Without BPA#1: Avent Bottle BPA Free

This bottle is the best one of the bottles witout BPA. It has a unique air flow system that helps prevent gas pains associated with bottle feeding, and is recommended by doctors. These bottles are really great for breastfeeding moms because you can get an adaptor kit that attaches the bottle directly to a breast pump. It has a wide bottle shape that allows for easy filling and cleaning, and a sealing cap that prevents leaking for travel.

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Dr Brown Bottles Without BPA#2: Dr Brown Polypropylene Bottles Without BPA

These bottles also prevent gas pains, burping and spitting up, and you can also connect them to a breast pump. Measurements are easy to read. They are made from polypropylene. Polypropylene is free of BPA.

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Evenflo Glass Bottles Without BPA#3: Evenflo Glass Bottles Without BPA

Glass bottles are a safe, BPA free alternative to plastic bottles.

These bottles come in 4oz or 8oz sizes. They are easy to assemble and clean. They come with a soft and flexible silicone nipple that adjusts the milk flow to the baby’s sucking pressure. The Evenflo glass bottles include a nipple cap and cap ring. These bottles are easy to hold and retian heat, and they don’t stain as easily as plastic bottles do. The Micro Air Vents reduce the amount of air the baby swallows.

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We all want the best for our babies. We want them to be happy and healthy, and that’s why so many parents are looking for bottles without BPA.

Here are some facts about BPA:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has found that BPA is present in the urine of over 90% of the population. This is not surprising since BPA is found in a wide variety of plastic products that we use every day including plastic containers and the lining of cans used to store canned goods. In September a study showed that people who had a large percentage of BPA in their body were more likely to have heart disease, diabetes and liver problems. BPA has also been linked to breast cancer, obesity, neurological problems and other disorders. The National Institute of Health has reported that they have a concern that BPA might affect the brain and behaviour development of fetuses, babies, and young children.

The FDA has claimed that BPA is safe, based on studies funded by chemical companies. They are currently reviewing their position to determine what, in their opinion, the long term effects of BPA might be. In the meantime some states have banned using BPA in some products, and many parents are buying bottles without BPA for their babies without waiting for the FDA to officially change their position.

A great company to work with

As someone who has been in business for many years, I have worked with many clients, partners and service providers. Some are great, and some are… not so great. With the great ones I have had business relationships that have lasted years and years. The others tend to go away one way or the other much sooner, which is probably for the best.

One of the great ones is Ed at Tiny Prints. We have worked together for a few years, but that is not what makes him great to work with. What does is a simple act that he did for me recently which shows his honesty and integrity. I don’t want to give all the details so just trust me.

When you want photo cards, announcements or invitations for a variety of occasions and you want to work with a company you can trust check out Tiny Prints.

For the many other products they offer check out our earlier post here.

New site provides unbiased stroller info

Sara, the founder of Baby Place, has started a new site. This one is an unbiased guide to baby strollers: Information, price comparisons, sales and coupons, which online stores give the best service and more.

I must admit that I learned there is a lot more to buying a stroller than just comparing prices. Besides comparing all the different features of each stroller model one has to know which merchants have free shipping, the best return policies, no “restocking fees” and good testimonials (real ones) from past customers. Sara has done the research and listed the best stores and why they are the best.

This is going to be a serious authority site for baby strollers. Regardless, don’t buy a stroller until you have checked out her site first:

There is Quality.. and then there is Tiny Prints :)

Tiny Prints, Inc., the brand behind and, was created by three friends who share a love of babies and an appreciation for giving and receiving quality stationery. Offering exclusive creations from the nation’s top designers, easy card personalization, a powerful preview engine, premium cardstock and top-notch customer service, their social stationery has been lauded by numerous publications and celebrity parents.

Check out the beautiful cards, invitations and announcements at, and the wedding invitations and stationary are We think you will be VERY satisfied with them. 🙂

Eating Challenged Children? Here are some Fab Tips..

Eveyone has challenges in life. For my daughter it is eating. For me, it is cooking! So here are some tested tips that WORK for both of us!

1) Create a weekly eating menu. Mondays is spaghetti, Tuesdays is burgers, and so on and so forth. The plates are made and served at the table. This takes all the thinking and guesswork out of it, and hopefully the frantic ‘help its 5 PM what shall I make for dinner!’ So I will look at her weekly schedule and Tuesday says Burgers and take them out of the freezer or start cooking, without having to wonder… Naturally I shop accordingly with this menu in mind. I know you agree this helps. Then, hand in hand with this TIP – if your child isn’t interested in your lunch/dinner, there is ONE alternative that they can choose… Yogurt. Cereal. The alternative has to be something that does not require preparation.

2) Each night on their plate will be a veggie… cooked or raw. Like cucumbers, avocado, peppers, lettuce, brocolli, etc. It is a worthwhile investment even if you think they will NEVER eat them. This creates an expectation for them to include vegetables in their life, that it is part of a complete meal, and one time, when you are not looking, they may try them, and start eating them. My son eats almost all of them now! I know my Mom says that she didn’t give them us since we never ate them, and it took me years to start eating these most basic of foods. I am trying to not repeat this problem. It is not easy. Often times I don’t have them available in the house and I am too lazy.. but its part of my plan so it’s a start.

3) Mealtime needs to include YOU. Here are some extra fun ways to make mealtimes enjoyable:

a) We buy plates that are shaped like animal faces. We put food in each ear, and the main dish in the middle. Sometimes they fight over the plates, but in the long run, it is worth it.. since they are definitely more interested in eating.

b) Stick a magnetic whiteboard on your refrigerator and draw a picture of the plates including the food on the plates. Each bite that is eaten allows either you or the child to erase the food on the plate, until the entire contents of the plate are erased. This definitely encourages extra bites.

c) My stick figures leave much to be desired, yet when I offer to draw a picture of practically anything they are so excited! The deal is that for each bite, I will draw a little more.. I try to have the picture ALMOST finished when they hit their usual limit, so just a few extra bites will have the complete illustration!

What works for you?