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Learn Baby Sign Language and Teach It to Your Baby

Do you find it frustrating when your baby cries and you can't figure out why? Do you find yourself wondering what your baby is thinking about? Do you want to know what he or she want right now?

Lots of parents have a strong desire to understand their babies better, yet they are limited by the fact that their baby can't speak and therefore communication is very limited. These parents often choose to teach baby sign language to their babies.

Baby sign language is a tool that helps parents understand their babies and strengthen the bond between them. It makes life less frustrating and more exciting for parents and babies.

It is easy to teach baby sign language to your baby. It isn't time consuming - but rather should be incorporated in day-to-day life. If fact, many babies develop signs of their own in order to communicate better. A typical example is a baby who points to food when they want to it, or a baby who waves bye-bye before they can say so.

When you want to teach baby sign language to your baby, it is good to start with words based on needs. Many parents start with items that are food related, such as 'more', 'eat' 'diaper' or 'sleep'. 'Mommy' and 'Daddy' are also popular. Other good words can be based on the babies interest. If the baby shows an interest in a dog or a tree, you can teach them the signs for them.

You can start to teach baby sign language to your baby at age 6 months, although it might take them weeks before they actually make their first sign. They key to teaching signs is consistency. If you are teaching your baby to sign 'eat', then try to use this sign everytime he eats.

Keep in mind that the more signs your baby learns, the more he or she will be motivated to learn new signs. It is very satisfying for babies to realize that they can be understood this way.

If you want to teach baby sign language to your baby, I recommend you visit Sign Babies. They have flashcards, music CDs, activity guides, and DVDs - all made to teach your baby sign language.

If you are not sure about this, you may choose to buy the ebook Sign Language for Babies and Beyond. It's a complete guide on how to teach baby sign language to your baby, and the good thing about it is that it has a 2 month money-back guarantee. That way, if signing doesn't work for you - you haven't lost anything. If you are really unsure about this and don't want to spend anything, just go to Sign Language for Babies and Beyond and sign up for their free e-course. You will need to scroll down the page in order to find the sign up page. This way you will learn more about signing without any expense.

It is fun to teach baby sign language to your baby. I wish you lots of luck, and remember to tell me how it goes!