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Nursing Nighties - Comfortable and Functional in Many Ways

Nursing your baby is a source of joy and satisfaction for the mother and the child. Comfort and convenience are very important during that very special period where a mother bonds with her baby by providing some of the best nutrition the baby can get. This article will explore the benefits of two types of garments created for ease of feeding, comfort, and grace.

Nursing Gowns - Coziness, Ease and Style Rolled Into One Nursing mothers can benefit the most from using nursing gowns. Some advantages of nursing gowns are:

  1. Can provide comfortable nursing access for feeding. Moms can feed at any time of the day/night with more ease because they are specially designed flaps for easy access to feed.

  2. Eliminates the need to wear uncomfortable nursing bras.

  3. These gowns are designed in elegant styles so that they can be worn as a lounge dress or as a nightgown even after the baby stops breast-feeding.

  4. It provides an accommodating design for shrinking tummies.

Nursing Pajamas - Discreet, Convenient Feeding In Comfort A look at some of the benefits of using nursing pajamas for the expectant mom and nursing mothers:

  1. Wearing nursing pajamas gives you a cozy feeling while cuddling around your little baby.

  2. The nursing opening for these pajamas is vertical. The nursing pajamas have one button on each side of the neck that can be easily opened for breastfeeding through two nursing openings in the under layer.

  3. Nighttime nursing becomes easier and comfortable with the double nursing slits that are hidden yet easy to access.

  4. These pajamas are suitable for lounge wearing in front of your visitors and are more discreet than pulling up your shirt for nursing your baby.

Of course as with article of clothing, anyone handy with a sewing machine could fashion some nursing pajamas or a nursing gown to fit their needs. Customizing store-bought nursing clothing is popular as well. Many nursing mothers will embroider or have embroidered their baby's initials or both of their names on the lapel of their nursing pajamas or gowns. Get creative with your nursing nighttime wear. It may just become your most favorite part of your wardrobe during and after breastfeeding.

Article By, Michelle O'Connor

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