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Alternative Schooling Options

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* Baby Place Articles and Advice: Special Needs
Extremely informative articles written by mothers and other experts on raising children with special needs.
* The Basic Cozy Grammar Course
Delightful, award-winning, easy-to-follow curriculum in basic English grammar. Unique presentation addresses audio, visual and tactile learning styles. Includes two videos and a study guide.
* Kahn Academy
Who needs school? Learn just about anything for free -- and from home.
* About.com: Homeschooling
Support, advice, and helpful resources for homeschooling families.
* Manners Etiquette
Training program for becoming a children's etiquette trainer.
* The Ottawa Montessori School
A stimulating educational environment for approximately 400 children aged 18 months to Grade 8.
* The Clearwater School
Seattle's Sudbury Schools' homepage describing Sudbury schools methods and achievements.

* Toys and Toy Stores Online
Find virtually any toy you could want to educate or entertain your baby.

* Magazines for Parents
Magazines for Mom, for Dad, about family fun and parenting.

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