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Birth Announcement Etiquette

When it comes to addressing your birth announcements, let our basic etiquette guidelines help you make it easy.


Who to Send to

The purpose of birth announcements is to inform your friends and family of the birth of your child. You should send them to everyone you think might want to share in your exciting and special news.

When to Send

You should send out birth announcements as close to the birth as possible. By picking out the design and verse, addressing the envelopes and buying stamps prior to the arrival to your new baby, you will be able to send your announcemens soon after the birth. After the baby arrives, just email Tiny Prints your baby's information (e.g., date of birth, weight and height). We'll insert it into your selected verse, print and send them to you. Six months is the longest you should wait before sending out birth announcements. Please read our section on timeline for common practices.

What to Include

There are many different styles and themes to choose from when writing the verse for your birth announcement. Please browse through our sample verses to get ideas on how to word your message. A birth announcement verse typically includes the following:

Introduction: A short passage from a poem or a popular phrase.

We welcome with love... Our home has grown by two feet...

Baby's Name: Include the first and middle name or the full name of your child.

Birth Details: Standard details include the baby's birth date, weight and length. Time of birth and place of birth can also be added.

Closing: The parents names, following by the names of the baby's siblings are placed at the end of the bith announcemen. You can add an adjective in front of the parents' names to describe your feeling.


Common Questions

Do I need to hand-write a personalized message on each announcement?

No. Your friends and family will understand that the new mom and dad are either too busy, too tired or both! If you have time, you or a grandparent are certainly welcome to add a small message for a close relative like an aunt or uncle. For other friends, you aren't expected to include a hand-written message.

Should I include a photograph of my baby with the birth announcement?

There is no right answer for this one. Some parents choose to include a photo of their newborn, while others choose to wait until their baby is a little older. Do practices are widely accepted- just do what you feel most comfortable with!

Should I get stationery, thank you notes or calling cards for my baby?

Personalized stationery for your newborn is always valuable for expressing your appreciate for the gifts your newborn will recieve. Including your baby's calling card when sending presents to other newborns is also becoming a popular practice among new parents.

How do I handle unusual birth weight?

If your newborn is large in weight or premature, it is perfectly fine to leave out the birth weight and details. Most of your friends and family are simply curious, but there is no requirement to draw attention to the weight.

How do I word an announcement if I have twins?

A good idea is to put one newborn's name on one side of the announcement and the other twin on the other side, so everyone will know that they are two different people instead of one long name.

If I kept my maiden name, how should I word my child's birth announcement?

The full names of both parents names should be included. There is no need to explicitly indicate that you are married.

Example: Michael West and Sarah Connolly

What if we are announcing an adoption?

An adoption announcement is appropriate way to let your loved ones know about your family's new addition. It is acceptable to include your adopted child's birth date, even if it is two or three years prior. You can also include the country or part of the world your adopted child has come from.

What if the grandparents want to send out announcements?

You can include the grandparents' names after the parents' names on the birth announcement. This allows the proud grandparents to send announcements to their own friends, who may not recognize the names of the child's parents.


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