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Arrival Showers

Out of town relatives may find it difficult to attend a baby shower for the expecting mom. It is common for family (especially the grandparents) to pitch in and help around the house during the first few weeks after the child is born. Family members who live far away may want to save their trip for when the baby arrives. Because baby showers are usually given before the baby is born, family members often miss the baby shower.

One event idea that can take the place of or complement a baby shower is an arrival shower. An arrival shower is a party that celebrates the arrival of a newborn. It is thrown a few weeks or even a month after the baby is born and typically coincides with visits from out-of-town relatives. Since the parents still will be be recuperating, it is common for close friends or a family member to host an arrival shower.


While baby showers focus on the expecting mom, the purpose of an arrival shower is to celebrate the new baby. Family and friends get together to congratulate the new parents and meet the new baby. Like a baby shower, guests like to help the new parents prepare for their new life by bringing gifts for the baby.


The arrival shower is simple to plan. It is fine to plan some fun and games with prizes, but just remember that this is more of an opportunity for guests to meet the new baby. For a large part of the event, most guests will just want to spend time with the new baby. Remember that the energy level of an arrival shower should also be lower than a baby shower since the new parents are probably exhausted and the newborn still sleeps for most of the day!

To throw a great arrival party, make sure there is enough food for the guests and set aside some time to open gifts. Party favors and gift bags for other kids are a nice touch. There will be enough entertainment as the star of the party will be the new baby!


Proper invitations will set the tone and mood for your arrival shower. Here is an example of an invitation verse to an arrival shower:

You are invited to join in the happiness of David and Sarah in celebrating the birth of

Katherine Laura Green

at 2:00 pm on March 12th 2004 at 153 Randolph Way

Kindyly RSVP by March 12

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