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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 3:45 pm 
ok, well here it is, friday, i just got home from the hospital yesterday, i was admitted monday evening because they ran tests and i had pneumonia. I was layed up in bed with an IV for 4 days, it was horrible. the 2nd day i had to have them remove my IV from my left hand, and they put it in my right hand, the reason i had it moved was because my hand got so swollen i couldnt even make a fist, so then after about an hour of having it in my right hand, it started throbbing, and wouldnt stop, it hurt so bad i was in tears. so i called the nurse down and she and another nurse came to check it out, and the lady that had put it in had messed it up somehow. so it took 3 more tried before they found a good spot, which happened to be the inside of my left arm. so now i have bruises and holes all over my arms from IV's and blood draws. My hands and arms and feet and legs are soo swollen, i can just feel the tightness of them when i try and do anything. so then while i was in the hospital, i tried and tried to find out the tests results from some testing i had done. they did a blood test on me for tumor markers, and they did an ultrasound as well. reason being~i had a 13 cm by 11cm cyst on my left ovary!!! so i thought that since i was so close to my due date that they might just keep in the hospital and induce me, and get it all over with at once. But they didnt. So what makes me kind of sad is that im scared of needles, and im going to have to go back to the hospital and have ANOTHER IV started when i had the baby, and then another one done if i have to have the cyst removed later on. My due date is sunday, i have a doc appointment on monday, as well as a non-stress test and a chest xray to make sure the pneumonia is gone. when they checked me when i went to ER last monday to make sure i wasnt in labor, i was 70% effaced and dialted to 1.. and my doc said that at my next appointment they are going to check me, and if my cervix are "favorable" they will schedule me for an induction on wednesday. i am so stressed.. ive had so much going on with thie pregnancy. i have gestational diabetes, i tested positive for the group B strep, i have a cyst, i had the pneumonia, im just so ready to be over, i know alot of people see pregnancy as a joy, but every now and then you meet someone who had a not so joyous pregnancy, and well, i think im the one, i can sleep, i cant eat, i cant do anything, its like im a big fat blob just waiting to pop! :(:(:(

ok, i feel a little better now, sorry for the long post, i just needed to vent and get some of this out.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 8:48 pm 

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I'm sorry you are having suck a horrible time!!! My pregnancy has been pretty rough as well! Just think that you are SO close to this being over and you will have your baby soon!!! Good luck with your labour! I hope all goes well!

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