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Baby Competitions - What Are They Looking For?

One way that advertising agencies find baby models is with baby competitions. These contests can be held in several ways. Two of the most common are: selecting winners from photo entries; and holding auditions that are advertised locally and online shortly before the agency will be in town to review applicants.

What type of child are most baby competitions looking for? The answer is all kinds! Many times they want a baby with a slightly different or exotic look. Agencies aren't usually seeking perfection; they want a cute, smiling baby who will capture hearts and sell their product. It doesn't hurt to have beautiful features too, such as clear skin, bright eyes, and great hair. But the most important factor is baby's personality, preferably bubbly and happy.

Baby competitions aren't looking for supermodels. Sometimes their need requires a particular ethnic background, other times they may just want a baby who loves to eat the baby food they are promoting. There is no shame in not being selected. The agency's need at that time dictates who is chosen.

Agencies are always looking for new faces. Babies grow fast, and it's a constant effort to screen new models so that a list of candidates is always ready to call. Baby competitions are a way to evaluate potential models quickly and efficiently.

Baby competitions that are held with photos don't require a professional portfolio of your child. In fact, all they want is a snapshot of your baby in a diaper. Less embellishment allows them to see your baby clearly and make the best casting decisions for each child. Be sure to write baby's name, age, size, and contact information on the back of each photo.

Your attitude going into baby competitions is important. The best advice is to accept whatever happens, because you can't control how your baby will react in new situations. Look at it as an enormous playgroup for your little one. A bad day for your baby can mean you have to leave before baby is seen. If your baby is in a cranky mood during an audition, don't worry; there will be other opportunities. Agencies are looking at how you interact with baby too, so relax and be your best!

Be aware of fraudulent baby competitions that charge expensive entry fees and offer little in return. Legitimate firms usually ask for a minimal fee if they charge anything at all. They know that they will make money from product sales that are advertised with baby models, so it isn't necessary for them to charge a huge fee.

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