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Baby Contests - The Inside Scoop

A baby contest is one way to get your infant in the spotlight and in the view of modeling agencies. These contests are sponsored by big name magazines and major advertisers, especially the ones that have a connection to goods manufactured for babies and young children.

There are many types of contests. You may be asked to bring your infant in person to a baby contest where he/she will be one of many contestants. This type of gathering of babies may seem like a "cattle call", which is just what the pros call it. After waiting, you and your baby will be invited into a room and asked a few questions. A photographer will snap a few pictures, and that's it! You will get a call or a letter telling you the outcome of the contest.

Other baby contests will request that you send them one or more snapshots of your baby. These shots should be taken when your baby is happy and relaxed, with no frills. Props and costumes camouflage the attributes agencies are looking for; plain photos are best. Don't forget to write your baby's name, age and size with all contact information on the back of the photo.

When you decide to enter a baby contest with your infant, be particular about which ones you apply for. Some are outright scams and have no affiliation to any reputable organization. These outfits solicit photos of babies, and there's no telling what they do with them. Beware of requests for digital photos, as they can end up on the internet on unsavory websites. Watch out for fraudulent competitions that charge expensive entry fees and offer little in return. Legitimate firms usually ask for a minimal fee if they charge anything at all.

Advertising agencies use photos to screen their modeling applicants, and request snapshots of the candidates, not digital files. Never send professional shots of your baby to enter a baby contest. This is an unnecessary expense, as babies change so rapidly that the photographs will be outdated in a matter of weeks.

The prize is usually as varied as the companies who organize the baby contest. Some examples of past contest prizes include: an offer to be on the cover of a national baby magazine; a sum of money, sometimes enough to pay for college; a lifetime supply of whatever that company manufactures, like baby food or diapers.

A baby contest can be a great way to get your baby some exposure, both locally and across the country.

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