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Baby Model Agencies - How to Find Them

Once you've made the decision to join the modeling ranks with your baby, you will need to find a baby model agency to represent your infant. You know they are out there, you see their ads everywhere - but finding the good ones can be challenging.

In this article you will learn some of the tactics experienced people use to find a reputable baby model agency. Your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a good place to start, and this number is listed in the business section of your phonebook.  Ask them for names of worthy advertising agencies that are registered with them, or that they would recommend. If this doesn't turn up any agencies, try the BBB in the nearest big city.

Major advertisers are a valuable resource for baby model agencies. Look in the newspaper for professional advertisements that take 1/8 of a page or more, and call to ask who their ad agency is. Write down the names of the big department stores in your area. They use models for advertising and should be able to refer you to some of their contacts. When you call, ask to speak to the person in charge of advertising. Be sure to get names of the people to talk to at the agency, and ask if you can mention their store as your referral.

The television or radio broadcasting departments of large advertising agencies work with adult and baby model agencies. Ask for their recommendations of children's modeling agencies that they work with. Large agencies may be difficult to navigate because of their many departments. If you have trouble finding a person knowledgeable about your questions, try the Traffic Department; this branch of the agency makes sure that the models get paid, so they should have reliable information about the agencies.

Magazines that you read and respect work with lots of advertising agencies. Some of the larger ones have websites. They may list several baby model agencies on their website to reduce the volume of queries they receive about modeling. Check out local publications too; they will be easier to contact.

Many of the companies cited above work with only a select few baby model agencies. Their businesses are so large and complex that they trust these agencies to supply all of their modeling needs, and don't use models from any other sources.

Now that you have a list of potential baby model agencies, what should you do? The next step is to write to the agencies and tell them about your baby and your interest in baby modeling.

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