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Baby Model Search - What Is It?

Each time you turn on your television or look at magazine advertising, you see them: babies! Do you ever wonder how they got to be in that TV commercial or magazine ad? Perhaps you are thinking, "Hey, my kid can do that!" Did you know that famous actresses Brooke Shields and Jodie Foster started as baby models? There are many routes to infant stardom, and one is using the baby model search.

A large percentage of advertising is aimed at parents of small children. Advertising companies have spent millions studying ways to sell products to this audience. One of the best ways to target caregivers of small children is using cute commercials and still shots, catching infants in the act of being themselves. Advertising agencies are always on the lookout for good models - that's the baby model search!

How does it work, and can your baby get in on the action? If your little one is a ham for the camera, loves people and has the happy personality that baby model search agencies look for, anything is possible. Your motives must be pure too, like starting a college fund for your infant. If you're thinking of getting rich off of your baby's efforts, don't count on it. Agencies are trained to look for parents that exploit their children, and when they spot you, it's all over.

A word of caution: some baby model search agencies are not what they appear to be. A legitimate agency will not charge a huge fee, so beware if they ask for money, or tell you that expensive classes and photography sittings are required for your child to participate. Usually the services they recommend are provided by them, so they are sure to make a profit. Honest agencies earn money by taking a small percentage of the fee paid to the baby models. A good modeling candidate allows them to book several profitable engagements; that's the way they stay in business.

Competitions are one method of gathering candidates for the baby model search. Agencies will advertise via local television, newspaper, parenting publications, internet and radio for an upcoming contest. Be sure to check out the agency with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that they are legitimate. Then, hold on to your hat; this could be your baby's ticket to the college of her choice!

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