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Baby Modeling - Facts and Fiction

If you think your baby has what it takes to make a success of baby modeling, you need to be able to discern the facts from the fiction of the business. Then, you'll be able to approach the journey to making your baby a success with confidence, armed with facts rather than fiction.

Baby modeling is a demanding business that you must be devoted to before you make the commitment - fact! There will be long hours, frustrating days and time-consuming stretches of research to find the best jobs for your baby. But you'll also feel a sense of pride and joy when your child is chosen for a great job.

You can hire a professional agent to represent your baby - fiction! The truth is that very few agencies will represent children in the baby modeling business. If your child develops a "talent" as he grows, you may find an agent to represent him in a "show business" capacity rather than baby modeling.

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a baby modeling portfolio for your baby - fact! Your baby changes so fast that professional photos would be a waste of money. Agencies will want the most recent pictures of your baby in various poses and, if possible, a glimpse of his personality.

The more a parent is involved in the actual photo shoot for a child, the more baby modeling jobs will come his way -- fiction. You, as a parent, will always have to be present at the photo shoot, but never interfere with the filming process. If you're asked by the staff to step in for a reason, then by all means comply. Otherwise, stay in the background.

Living near or within a major city is a plus when seeking jobs for your child - fact! It'll be much easier to find baby modeling jobs if you are near the studios. But, if you're a committed parent and don't mind traveling or spending a night or two away from home, keep sending out photos and going to casting calls. Your endurance will pay off eventually.

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