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Frequently Asked Questions: Birth


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* Baby Place Bookstore
For books related to birth, visit our Baby Names Books and Childbirth Books pages.
* WebMD Q&A: Pain Relief Options for Labor and Childbirth
A list of frequently asked questions about childbirth pain-relief medications and their answers.
* Pitocin FAQ at Childbirth.org
Facts on the useage of Pitocin for the induction and quickening of labor.
* Birth Planning:
+ Part 1
+ Part 2
+ Part 3
* Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth FAQ:
Information on doulas (labor coaches / childbirth assistants) including what they do, when they are needed and how to find one.

* Parenting FAQs

* Childbirth: Pain Relief
Useful information about pain and pain relief during labor.

* Childbirth Resources
Valuable resources and information about hospitals, birthing methods, health, etc.

* Childbirth Services
Services, online and off, to help guide and assist you through pregnancy and birth.