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Birth Information


* Baby Place Birth Message Board
Make use of the combined wisdom of thousands of parents like yourself! Post your questions and answers and see what others have written.

* Baby Place Articles and Advice
Articles written by mothers and other experts on raising children and the adventures of managing a family.

* Free Stuff for Parents
Free products, services and web sites, with a focus on the needs of new and expectant parents. Free coupons and specials, trial offers and more.

* Childbirth: Communities
Message boards, and online communities and clubs for expecting mothers.

* Childbirth: Pain Relief
Useful information about pain and pain relief during labor.

* Childbirth Resources
Valuable resources and information about hospitals, birthing methods, health, etc.

* Childbirth Services
Services, online and off, to help guide and assist you through pregnancy and birth.

* Frequently Asked Questions - Childbirth
Answers to frequently asked questions about birth.

* Baby Names
If you are looking for a name for your baby this is the place to go.

* Travel Information
If you are traveling to celebrate a newborn in the family or for any other reason, click here to get more information or save money on airfare.

* Pregnancy and Birth Services
Find a doctor, doula, postpartum care, insurance, health plans, information about childbirth and nursing, crisis pregnancies, and umbilical cord blood registries.

* Birth Stories
Read up on what other women (and men) experienced during the birth of their children to prepare for what lays ahead of you.

* Birth Announcements
Birth announcements, baby naming resources, gifts for newborns, web pages for infants, and more.

* Umbilical Cord Blood
Discover the life-saving properties of umbilical cord blood, and how you can store your baby's umbilical cord blood in case of future need.

Tell the world what you think (and find out how others voted) on the following topic:
Obstetricians vs. midwives

Birth Products

* Flowers and Gifts
Send a gift in honor of a new baby or other special occassion.

* Magazine Rack
Lots of different magazines for parents and children. Great deals and/or free trials make it easy for your to learn more and entertain your children.

* Online Health Stores and Products
Stores which sells products related to nutrition, vitamins and supplements, herbs, natural remedies, a healthy environment and more.

Books about birth at the Baby Place Book Store

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