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Birthday Party Tips

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Date and Time

Usually, the only time that makes sense to host a children's birthday party is on the weekend. The best time is in the afternoon, that way you avoid the additional hassle of serving a meal and your responsibilities are limited to cake and ice cream. Make sure you get your birthday party invitations out early so that important guests like grandparents can attend.


To truly make your party theme work, you will need creative (and usually not very expensive) decorations. Streamers and balloons are good because kids love these props and games, and activities based on balloons tend to be easy on furniture! Depending on your theme, you can always pick up paper and cardboard posters and props at the local party supplies store.

Birthday Cake

The birthday cake is the centerpiece of the party. Kids really love to enjoy the cake. Make sure the theme is reflected on the cake and the plates, cups and napkins all match.

Birthday Party Entertainment

Professional or amateur entertainers can really make a kids party fun and exciting. Some party themes like a magic show party can be based on an entertainer. For younger children, a clown or life sized cartoon character can be a great time. Easier and less expensive options include having a family friend tell stories or perform puppet shows. A creative father, uncle, neighbor can be a capable entertainer, but make sure the person has high energy and experience with groups of children.

Birthday Party Favors

Party favors are definitely a must for children's birthday parties. This lets all the kids go home happy and more importantly, it teaches your child the importance of saying thank you to his or her guests. To emphasize this, make your child hand out favors to his friends as they leave. Favors do not have to be too expensive. Kids will usually be happy with a sack filled with small gadgets and food. Or, if you really want to impress, you can order party favors based on your party theme. (See party favors specialist Blue Bambu for the largest selection of party favors for all occasions.)

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