This fatherhood thingie is amazingly rewarding

Wow. There are really cool things going on with my kids that I would like to share with you. I know that they are’t a “big deal” but they make being a father rewarding.

So, my five month old son, Ben, has reached a major milestone. Not only can he roll from his stomach to his back, now he can roll from his back to his stomach. In addition, he’s making crawling motions and scooting him self around. I can really see a difference from Tehilah. When she was born it was the first time for both my wife and I and it was hard for us to let her cry. She HATED being on her belly and would cry and scream until we either picked her up or flipped her over. As a consequence, she was very late i crawling and walking. I will be very surprised if Ben isn’t crawling within six weeks. VERY EXCITING! It is an amazing feeling to hold him in my arms and think about his future, a future that I am responsible for helping shape.

Tehilah has reached, to quote my father, a miraculous stage. That is she really talks and is able to express her self. I know that every parent since the beginning of time has gone through the same thing, but it is the first time for me and its so very special. “Daddy, big sister bed time big girl bed!!” translates as Dad, will you please read me my book I’m a Big Sister as a bed time story in my bed. BTW, for those of you with your second child on the way, I recommend this book or it’s companion, I’m a Big Brother. My mother in law bought the book for Tehilah (thanks Ruth!) and its been great at explaining the concepts of being a big sister to her. Several months ago we moved her from the ‘baby bed’ that is the cradle, to ‘the big girl bed’ and she loves it. She’s a ‘big helper girl’. She loves to help with anything (including things she shouldn’t help with. 🙂 ) One of her favorite activities is helping her mother set the table. The really neat thing is that she gets most of the right things in the right place.

She’s also gotten into the “NO!” stage. My wife figured out that if you explain something and ask her to do it, she’s much more likely to do it with out arguing. On the other hand, we have to teach that she has to do what Mom and Dad say. It’s challenging, but I’m sure we will get it figured out.

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  1. That is so exciting J.T.! WTG on the physical milestones Ben! And WTG big sister Tehilah! :):):)

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