Solid Food!

Ben has started eating solid food! It’s great. Julie tried bananas and while he liked sitting in the high chair and getting a spoon, he wasn’t so fond of the taste. The next day Julie tried sweet potatoes. SUCCESS! He loved it. There is one down side…. changing his diapers just got a lot stinkier. 🙁 I’ve adopted an easy way to clean him (my father told me that he used to do the same for me). I simply take the baby strapped into the high chair and put the whole thing into the bathtub. I use the shower hose to clean everything off. Works like a charm and it takes only seconds.

We are having a discipline problems with Tehilah. She tends to take what she wants from younger children. If the little girl from across the street comes over and she and Tehilah are playing together, Tehilah will just take her toys away from her. We’ve tried telling her no and making her give the toy back, but she generally won’t listen. The only thing that we have discovered that works is asking her if she wants a slap on the hand. If she doesn’t respond we give her a very light smack on the hand and then take the toy and give it back to the other child. This smack, even though its no harder than a love pat, brings serious tears to her eyes. Neither Julie nor myself enjoy this, but its the only way she will listen. Any suggestions on another approach?

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2 thoughts on “Solid Food!”

  1. Hey, that bathtub idea is a pretty good one! I will have to try that. Maybe you could strap him in and put him in the bathtub *before* he starts eating…

    Regarding your daughter, that hand-slapping is pretty risky. You are teaching her that violence is an appropriate way of solving problems. Your “solution” might be worse than the original problem.

    I have found that children don’t learn serious self-control until the age of 4 or so. It is hard for her to resist! So do as I do and take a deep breath and say to yourself “she is only 2” and keep looking for a constructive solution.

  2. Great idea – also makes it harder for him to grab your shirt and make you need a bath if he’s still strapped in!

    I found that when my daughter started taking her toys away from friends at that age it helped to suggest BEFORE the friend came that she put aside certain toys she did not want to share and put them in a side room.

    Not having to put favorite toys “at risk” when a friend came over seemed to make it easier to share the rest. Sometimes they just want to know they are still in control, even though they temporarily have to give this up to enjoy having a friend over.

    Good luck!

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