Sharing and Sleepless Nights

Wow. Tehilah has learned how to share. This past Friday evening she and I went for a walk and ran into one of her best friends. Tehilah had a little baggie of snack treats and she shared them with her friend, piece for piece. I was so proud of her that when we got home I gave her a special piece of chocolate and Julie and I told her that we were very proud of her sharing and that she is such a good big girl. Saturday we had lunch guests (the same friends we had seen the night before) and Tehilah let her friend sit in her booster seat without any fuss whatsoever. She also helped set the table (one of her favorite activities).

Benjamin… The last two nights he had decided that 4:00 a.m. is morning. 🙁 Even if he nurses and has a supplemental bottle, its not good. It takes him two hours (or so) to get back to sleep. If only he would take a pacifier, but all he does is chew on it for a moment and then spit it back out. Does anyone have any suggestions?

One more thing about Tehilah that I’m so proud of, her speaking ability. She is now able to string together four and five word sentences. “Daddy Look! Two Cars! (I guess technically that that’s two sentences, but you understand what I mean.) She has picked up a phrase from me, “I’m busy!” When we ask her to do something she doesn’t want to do she says, in complete seriousness, “I’m busy!” It cracks me up every time.

Oh and did I mention that we have started potty training in earnest? We got a ‘bog girl potty’ that fits over the regular commode. She can put it on and take it off by herself. We also got her pull up diapers. She uses the potty at least once a day. We still have to ask her, she doesn’t tell us when she needs to ‘make’, but we are getting there. Spring is finally here so its not too cold for her to be sitting on her potty for a while waiting for something to happen. 🙂

Anyway, I’m off on vacation until next week. “Talk” to you guys then.

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One thought on “Sharing and Sleepless Nights”

  1. It is so cool to be able to read about my grandchildren. Yea, Tehilah. Good Job!

    Benjamin will figure it out.

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