To know or not to know…that is the question..Day 181

This blog is being taken over by a pregnant woman 🙂 …

There are a few types of people. Those who will find out what they are having right away, and tell everyone.. “oh we are having a girl and naming her Ashley”. Those who will wait until birth to discover the sex of their child (a decreasing amount). The majority fall into the category of those who find out the gender, then keep it to themselves, or share it with a very limited amount of people based on a need to know basis. (Isnt it need to know for your Mother not to buy you all green and yellow for every baby?)

Which one of these are/were you and why? Why did you feel it was public knowledge or why did you feel that you should wait to find out?

Were you disappointed? How did you deal with the disappointment?

For my first 3 pregnancies I did not know. I figured I needed something to push for. However, I did like having the information in my possession if for some reason I should choose to know. Therefore I ask the Ultrasound Technician to write it on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. I had never opened the envelope… until now. This being my 4th pregnancy, and perhaps the need to be more organized, I could not reason with myself anymore why I should NOT KNOW. While it was so obvious to me in the past, that feeling left me. Also I cant ever push (my babies dont descend down the canal or something, and need to be karate chopped out), so that reason also seemed silly coming out of my mouth.

So now I know. I am a little less impressed with my self resolve, and I dont know what to do with the information. When you are in a delivery room and everyone is anxiously awaiting the news, and you reach this emotional/physical/spiritual plane than only giving birth can offer, it seems appropriate to hear the words – “Its a Boy! or Its a Girl”! Life changing words. Here it was like “Its a x, pass the butter”. Maybe I would feel differently if I heard it was the opposite sex? Perhaps. I may never know.

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