You think YOU are HOT… Day 185

This is my first summer pregnancy. I am literally MELTING… It is nothing short of a superhuman effort to get dressed and leave the house… just to enter a car with no working a/c.  We are talking 100 degrees outside, and the air inside the house cannot even compete with that kind of heat.

Whoever is able to get pregnant with ease, and wants to plan a pregnancy… here is a little advice. Aim to get pregnant in August/Early September. The advantages:

1) Your wardrobe is much cheaper, since you can get away with wearing sweatshirts, sweaters, etc throughout the winter months.

2) Your belly will keep you warmer in the winter 🙂

3) Your baby is born in the spring, just in time for the warm summer, and his/her wardrobe can be a onesie for about 4-5 months. There is no dressing a baby in the summer (other than showing it off of course)

4) Your electricity bills will be lower, since you cant be blasting the air on the baby, but you wont be forced to put the heat up for their warmth.

5) Mostly overlooked at this stage, but very relevant – your child will be in the normal cut off times for the school year. Parents of children born in the fall/winter usually have to choose to have their child be the youngest or oldest in a class.

Is there one I missed? Let me know…

My only advantage to being EXTRA HOT this Summer… my husband and I finally agree on the temperature of the a/c! No arguing – “Raise the air” “lower the air”… “Its cool outside” “yes honey but we are inside”

Any tips on staying cool for what is likely to be an even longer summer….?

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