The Score: Me – 0, Illness – 4 … Day 199

Things had been going great for a long time… too long. I was going to bed whenever I wanted (LATE), getting up early, taking care of the children, taking them to all their activities in the boiling sun, shopping, working, working, and working…

and eating Pints and Pints of Ben & Jerrys.

No matter how much I tempted IT, I still woke up each day energized and ready to go.. well excluding the anemia and constant exhaustion ­čÖé

I decided that I was immune and nothing could get to me. That this time I was going to WIN! Then it all came crashing.

It is my 4th pregnancy and again I have lost to illness. I am definitely more of a ‘granola’ type of person. Whole wheat instead of white, herbs instead of medication, (excluding my junk food habit), yet ironically, I dont think I have made it through one pregnancy without antibiotics!

Just a few days ago, the ‘naturalist’…where I went´┐Żin hopes´┐Żof beating this before it turned into something… told me that the´┐Żbaby is very selfish and will take care of all of his/her needs first. That women in the time of the holocaust, who barely had what to eat, gave birth the healthy babies. I find this reassuring. I also have been told that your immune system is basically shot during pregnancy, so recuperating is a much bigger ordeal.

I have a long list of tasks I need to accomplish before delivering. Instead of accomplishing anything, I am just witnessing the mess in my house build up, my bills go unpaid, the fridge empty, and the emails go´┐Żunanswered.´┐Ż´┐ŻI am spending my free time snorting salt water, holding my face over the humidifier, coughing out my lungs, and getting very happy about the small things – like kids leaving the house in matching clean clothing, and the softness of KLEENEX brand tissues.

Here is to good health.


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