Leave the Stroller at HOME and STILL take your baby places!

By our regular guest blogger, Ariella, mother of 1 year old Joseph.

The other day I was taking a walk with my son to a store I had never been to before and there was a steep flight of stairs leading up to the entrance.

Now- this happens ALL the time- I am with baby in stroller and come upon a situation were I can’t possible get baby AND stroller to the place I need to go- without making at least two trips.

I am so sick of taking my stroller with me everywhere I go. The aisles in the grocery store are never quite wide enough, stairs are a nightmare and elevators are only possible if they are empty . . . never mind if my son wants to be held! (You know as well as I do thats its not great fun holding a skirmming baby AND pushing a stroller at the same time.)

So my friend suggested a great idea- a BABY CARRIER! perfect for babies how can either hold their head up and/or sit up by themselves. A BABY CARRIER means:

1. FREE hands

2. No HUGE stroller

3. Your baby feels “HELD” at all times

4. MOBILITY to go where no stroller has gone before That’s alot of benefits in the right situation.So i thought i’d share two of my favorite styles of baby carriers with you all. They are both COMFORTABLE and easy to put on and take off. Which one is right for you?The Baby BjornBaby Bjorn Carrier Known as the ‘Cadillac’ amongst baby carriers, it’s reputation is well deserved! You can lean over and your baby wont fall out! Try that on the no name brand versions. The Baby Bjorn offers good back and shoulder support, holds your baby upright and right where you can see him.


Endorsed by chiropractors, the New Native Baby Carrier Organic Baby Sling distributes the weight of your baby evenly from your shoulders to your hips. Its unique design allows you to wear your baby across your front, on your side, or in back. ( Don’t worry instructions are included!)Speaking from experience a baby carrier is a GREAT GIFT for any mom who has a newborn, young baby or toddler. ( Make sure to check the weight limit on the specific carrier you are interested in).

Have a great weekend!


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  1. So which would you say is more practical then, the Vaude or the Beco rucksack style baby carriers? Its a really difficult choice and most folks are saying to choose the Infantino but its very difficult to purchase around here therefore i would need to buy it over the internet.

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