Importance of 5 Point Harness Car Seat

Every now and then I find myself at YouTube for one reason or another.. lately for business reasons.

Ocassionally I will start clicking around on videos and see where it takes me….

About a year it took me somewhere TRAJIC and today… well I have absolutely NO words for today’s experience.. I admit I cried more last year, either because the video was more compelling, or because again.. today’s video is beyond belief..
I refer to memorials left to children lost to car accidents..(we should not know from this!)..

I am not embedding the videos here, just offering the links. You can make the choice to follow through with watching them by clicking on the childrens names … The choice that should be obvious is to follow through with the lessons learned about having your child in a

Britax Regent Booster Car Seat 5 point Harness Car Seat..

Kyle David Miller� was killed in a car accident last year because a senile, 78 year old woman ran a red light and hit�the family�causing�them to flip into a ditch. Kyle’s seatbelt came unlatched during the roll and he was ejected. His seatbelt was later examined by several experts who determined it was faulty and told his mother that seatbelts regularly fail, especially in roll over accidents. She (like most people) had no idea that seatbelts could fail and think that this is something everyone should be made aware of.

Their crusade has resulted in almost 2 million views on YouTube and the demand for Britax Regent to cause backorders everywhere!

Todays experience:

�Kyle, Emma, and Katie Coble Crash on I-5 in Mission Viejo, California takes family’s three kids. The Coble children, Kyle, 5; Emma, 4; and Katie, 2, were killed on May 4, 2007 when a semi-tractor trailer rear-ended the minivan they were riding in.

Britax Regent 5 Point Harness Car SeatBritax Regent 5 point Harness Car Seat

To your safety,

�~~ andrea

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