Some Lotteries are worth entering

How many times have you heard a picture is worth a thousand words??

Well how about $10,000??

If there is one thing there is usually no lack of.. it is pictures of our children. First tooth, first steps, sleeping in all sorts of odd positions, first birthday, etc… offers an annual $10,000 prize for a winning picture. This is taken from their FAQ page:

Q. How does the contest work, and what prizes can I win?
Each year, we sponsor the International Open Amateur Photography Contest to encourage new artists and undiscovered talent to submit their work for consideration. We receive thousands of entries, each of which is evaluated by our selection committee. Those entries that exhibit a unique perspective or artistic vision are advanced to semifinalists in the contest. Complete sets of prizes are awarded at the end of each contest. All prizes are guaranteed to be awarded. The annual Grand Prize is $10,000.00. The Grand Prize for each individual contest is $1,000.00. For each individual contest there are forty First Prizes of $35.00, four in each of 10 categories. Seventy-three Second Prizes of gifts with a retail value of $25.00 each are awarded without regard to category. We award additional prizes in case of ties.

They have baby photo contests all the time, so your selection/s, if they include babies, can be considered for both :).

Sometimes when we try to get our children to pose for the camera for the perfect shot, that perfect shot comes from those moments in between – when they are falling over each other, straight into the mud, ruining their picture perfect clothing!Not long ago the GAP was on the search for child models. They opened the contest to the nation at large and 1000’s of people entered…. for obvious reasons. If that was a no brainer, the chance of winning $10,000 should make this an even MORE obvious opportunity to go for!

And unlike the Lottery – this is FREE!!

Best of luck!


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