DO Your Kids Snore? My Son Sure Does!!

By featured Guest Blogger Ariella – mother of 1 year old Joseph!

What’s Up with That? I took Andrea’s advice and was playing around with the new Healthology articles on THIS awesome website and guess what?

On my first search I found something that TOTALY relates to my son!

My (now) 13 month old son snores very regularly and ALWAYS seems to have a stuffed up nose. I’ve taken him to doctors and ear, nose, throat specialists and they always tell me the same thing: “He’s too young to diagnose allergies, its a simple swelling in the nose and its nothing to worry about.”

Well that MAY be right but this article gives me some information to take back to the doctors and see if there really is any cause for concern. ( I certainly hope NOT!) Do Your Kids Snore? Allergies may be the reason. A snoring child may be cute to some people, but it could very well be a sign of allergies and allergic diseases, according to a new study.

We want to help our kids be as healthy as possible and educating ourselves is a good way to start on accomplishing this goal!

Go Healthology!

Nice talking with you 😉



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One thought on “DO Your Kids Snore? My Son Sure Does!!”

  1. Ariella,

    Hey! They are great little bits of info arent they? With so much free information at our fingertips, we have a responsibility to take advantage of it and search for possible solutions of what is ailing our children.. Believe it or not, all our Doctors are searching Google as well!

    hmm may have to mention that in a future post..

    Good job!

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