Does Size Matter?? The MOMs and MD’s have the answer..

Yes, I want to be hooked up with swag, just as much as the next mom. Therefore, when I see other mommies walking around with these huge shoulder-bag purses these days I get the itch of the must haves. I turned to our featured blogger Ariella, and asked her to give us the low-down on this lastest fashion craze.

I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of diaper bag to buy- since Joseph has outgrown the bring-everything-for-an-infant stage and now has entered the bring-everything-for-a-toddler-stage. Which means I need LOTS of room for his diapers, bottles, wipes, formula but also for his crackers, toys,books, blanket, special stuffed animal, pacifier, sweatshirt- well you get the picture. I’ve been thinking that I big throw-it-all-in-and-lug-it-around shoulder tote would be the best because:

a. Everything can fit into it b. They look kind of cool.

c. If it gets too heavy I can always hang it on my stroller.I found this article on Healthology, and now I am second guessing myself.

It seems as if these big shoulder purses can cause some back and neck and shoulder strain and PAIN.

Ladies- here are a few FABULOUS diaper backpacks to choose from.

Keep your style and SAVE your back and carry all your kids stuff!

Check out this FUNCTIONAL and FAB diaper backpack: Kalencom Diaper Back Pack - Black

You can take this one with you where ever you go- to the playdate or to the office – maybe the Bjorn will be inspired to attach a diaper bag onto their carrier…. now that would be SOME product!

York Diaper Back Pack - Pinstriped ~~ Andrea and Ariella

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