Does Ben & Jerry’s Have Antioxidants?

I cant decide if I should talk today about

*How awesome it is to get to watch videos while working.

*How awesome Healthology is for recognizing the limitations of the typical human and providing us with information in short entertaining snippets that allow the info to sink in.


*How great Antioxidants are for you.

Hmm.. where did that come from? Well I just watched the latest video installment in our Healthology Media Library and this one minute video is all about Antioxidants and how easy they are to get, and how great they are for you. You will learn what they are, where you find them, and I guarantee you will be surprised, as I was, to discover where you will find the MOST antioxidants. You may subscribe to being healthier if it’s that easy!

Check it out

oh PS – it is NOT Ben & Jerry’s. That was wishful thinking.

Does Size Matter?? The MOMs and MD’s have the answer..

Yes, I want to be hooked up with swag, just as much as the next mom. Therefore, when I see other mommies walking around with these huge shoulder-bag purses these days I get the itch of the must haves. I turned to our featured blogger Ariella, and asked her to give us the low-down on this lastest fashion craze.

I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of diaper bag to buy- since Joseph has outgrown the bring-everything-for-an-infant stage and now has entered the bring-everything-for-a-toddler-stage. Which means I need LOTS of room for his diapers, bottles, wipes, formula but also for his crackers, toys,books, blanket, special stuffed animal, pacifier, sweatshirt- well you get the picture. I’ve been thinking that I big throw-it-all-in-and-lug-it-around shoulder tote would be the best because:

a. Everything can fit into it b. They look kind of cool.

c. If it gets too heavy I can always hang it on my stroller.I found this article on Healthology, and now I am second guessing myself.

It seems as if these big shoulder purses can cause some back and neck and shoulder strain and PAIN.

Ladies- here are a few FABULOUS diaper backpacks to choose from.

Keep your style and SAVE your back and carry all your kids stuff!

Check out this FUNCTIONAL and FAB diaper backpack: Kalencom Diaper Back Pack - Black

You can take this one with you where ever you go- to the playdate or to the office – maybe the Bjorn will be inspired to attach a diaper bag onto their carrier…. now that would be SOME product!

York Diaper Back Pack - Pinstriped ~~ Andrea and Ariella

Diaper Rash No More!

Yes,we admit.

We are one of those rare unique Moms, always looking for ways to help our sons have the most fun-filled, no-tears day!


What?? You say you are like that too?? 🙂


This is not easy with an infant who wants to be held all the time, and another on the verge of toddler hood – tantrums are slowly becoming part of his ‘charm’!

When diaper changing time occurs – we want to get in and out as QUICK as possible, with little mess and fuss and tears. Somehow they got to this age, where changing their diapers requires literally BRUTE strength on our parts, as they twist and turn looking for entertainment. I (Andrea) find myself laying across his legs to keep him down long enough to get the job done.


Unfortunately, in anticipation of another struggle, if we wait too long, we WILL be faced with a nasty diaper rash! So sorry my young child!!

Again we look towards the awesome Healthology for their on target advice! Preventing Diaper Rash has some good common sense tips. We found that once followed, we cut down on the diaper rashes to an extremely rare occurence. When our babies are feeling comfortable- so are we!

Andrea & Ariella

AJ & Joseph


DO Your Kids Snore? My Son Sure Does!!

By featured Guest Blogger Ariella – mother of 1 year old Joseph!

What’s Up with That? I took Andrea’s advice and was playing around with the new Healthology articles on THIS awesome website and guess what?

On my first search I found something that TOTALY relates to my son!

My (now) 13 month old son snores very regularly and ALWAYS seems to have a stuffed up nose. I’ve taken him to doctors and ear, nose, throat specialists and they always tell me the same thing: “He’s too young to diagnose allergies, its a simple swelling in the nose and its nothing to worry about.”

Well that MAY be right but this article gives me some information to take back to the doctors and see if there really is any cause for concern. ( I certainly hope NOT!) Do Your Kids Snore? Allergies may be the reason. A snoring child may be cute to some people, but it could very well be a sign of allergies and allergic diseases, according to a new study.

We want to help our kids be as healthy as possible and educating ourselves is a good way to start on accomplishing this goal!

Go Healthology!

Nice talking with you 😉



Yoga for NEW MOMS!

We have information peppered througout our site from Healthology. Healthology is one of the premier health sites on the web, and since Baby-Place is one of the premier baby sites on the web, they invited us to share their very relevant information on pregnancy, birth, and babies with our visitors… you will be glad they did!

However, since the site is so large, I realized that so many great topics (usually in the form of video) were being ignored! Therefore, we are now introducing the Healthology category to the blog, and I can assure you that even if we cover a topic that you THINK will not interest you, when you watch it.. you will gain new insight and respect for the topic… that’s how informative and well done these videos are done. Dont worry.. they are all under 2 minutes long!

This first video highlights the importance of Yoga for new Moms. Giving back to yourself allows you to give more to your child! Check out this video to see what makes this class unique.

Take care of your heart, mind, soul… and of course your body, and consider YOGA

~~ andrea