How to Talk to Your Child About Death

Talking about death is hard enough for adults. But when a family member or close friend passes away, it is especially difficult to know how to discuss the tragedy with a young child.

This video shows the Sesame Street gang explaining to Big Bird–without euphemisms, and with tremendous compassion–that Mr. Hooper has died. I think the writers did an excellent job. Take a look.

How to play with your newborn

Playing with your newborn is great for his brain development! It’s also a fun way for everyone–brothers, sisters, grandparents–to bond with him (especially if you are exclusively breastfeeding and they can’t help out on the feeding front 🙂 ).

TIP: Your baby does not see too well yet, but you can take him on a “touching tour” of the world around him. Take his hand and let him feel all of the different textures out there: the smoothness of the window pane, the fuzziness of a stuffed animal, the roughness of the throw-rug, the coldness of the outside of your drinking glass. You can almost see the wheels turning in his mind…..


Have you signed up for a basic first aid class? If not, now’s the time!

But until the class begins, this short video explains the basics of infant CPR.

And you’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: NEVER leave a young child alone in or near a bath or a swimming pool–not even to answer the phone, check the pot you left simmering on the stove, or to go to the bathroom. Even though it is a pain, PLEASE take your baby with you if there is nobody else around to keep an eye on her. All it takes for her to drown is a few minutes under enough water to cover her nose and mouth.

An introduction to the basics of infant massage

Don’t you think it’s funny when the “experts” say that babies like skin-to-skin contact?

I mean, why wouldn’t they like it? What’s there not to like?

This video offers some tips on how to get started:

(Frankly, I don’t think there is a “right” way to massage your baby. If she likes a particular stroke, do it again, and if she doesn’t, she’ll let you know….)

Excellent step-by-step video on how to bathe your newborn

Whatt??!! They showed you how to bathe your baby ONCE in the hospital, and now you’re supposed to do it on your own???

Let’s face it: You’re sunk (pun intended 🙂 ). After all, if you hold on to him too tightly, you’ll break him–but if you don’t hold on tightly enough, he’ll drown.

I recommend watching this video a few times and then doing a dry run (pun intended again…) with a doll (no, seriously).

Then go for it! It’ll be fine. Really.

And one more thing: Does your newborn HATE being bathed? If so, stop torturing him! After all, how dirty could he possibly be? Keep his bottom clean (duh), and wipe the spit-up from the creases in his neck with a warm washcloth. One bath a week (MAYBE two, but I am not convinced) should be plenty. He’ll grow up a bit, and then it will start to be fun for the both of you.

Britax Car Seat Sale

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New site provides unbiased stroller info

Sara, the founder of Baby Place, has started a new site. This one is an unbiased guide to baby strollers: Information, price comparisons, sales and coupons, which online stores give the best service and more.

I must admit that I learned there is a lot more to buying a stroller than just comparing prices. Besides comparing all the different features of each stroller model one has to know which merchants have free shipping, the best return policies, no “restocking fees” and good testimonials (real ones) from past customers. Sara has done the research and listed the best stores and why they are the best.

This is going to be a serious authority site for baby strollers. Regardless, don’t buy a stroller until you have checked out her site first: