Happy Fathers Day!!

Today’s MAN is a much different composite than a few generations back. I am not sure of the origins of ‘Fathers Day’ but when I was growing up, it should have been called ‘Primary Bread Winner Day’.. since unless it came to teaching us how to say ‘hangober’ instead of hamburger, get your ‘feets’ on, instead of shoes, and going on nightly excursions with flashlights to hide behind the bushes lest the evil people driving with their headlights on come out to get us… my Dad was pretty typical for his generation.

Actually my Dad is a ‘crossover’, since my sister, born 16 years after me and on the cusp of a new generation, gave him a chance to do that which he did not do with us. No – not act mature. Change Diapers, bathe, and dress her, etc..

Today it is not uncommon to find stay at home Dads, and actually very common to find fathers who share a large part in the child’s rearing.

So it is no surprise that items available on the market reflect this.

Here is my Fathers Day suggestion:

Daddy's Survival Kit

New Daddy’s Survival Kit Deluxe – Men’s Diaper Bag/ Backpack Plus – Unique New Dad or Father’s Day Gift Idea!

However, you cant expect to convert a gender overnight…. so dont be surprised when you come across the ‘gag’ gift items also for the New Dad – like the diaper changing apron.p>

As you would expect, Amazon has Awesome Stuff for the NEW DAD,

My favorite (based on Title alone) – Keeping the Baby Alive Till Your Wife Gets Home

Check it out!

Happy Fathers Day!!

Be Well,

~~ Andrea

Dont Even Think of Going to Disneyworld WITHOUT This..

If you are like me, then you probably and unfortunately, view Disneyworld as a childs’ Rite of Passage.

Disney, of course, is entirely aware, and they take full advantage by charging Rolls Royce prices… yet people just keep on coming!!

So.. if we have already admitted that Disney is an undeniable pleasure we allow ourselves, and we also agree that the prices are ridiculous… would you not take advantage of a way to figure out how to cut corners and find great deals??

For example – I just recently discovered that you can pay an extra $10 on your entrance ticket to a certain Six Flags Adventure Park (I imagine all of them), and then for the next 3 hours, you are given VIP status and do not have to wait on any lines for the rides. Depending on the time of the year, and the crowd, that extra $10 could easily translate into A LOT more rides and ACTION!

I am the type of person who likes to get my money’s worth. I am like an Army Sargent. As soon as I arrive at the park, I get a map, and then over the next 10 hours make sure we hit EVERYTHING. No laggers allowed. If you go to a park with me, you know you will maximize your experience (and hate me by the end of the day). I even put my almost 7 year old son in one of the rented strollers to ensure that he could keep up with my pace.

That was a long time ago… and talk and plans are in the works to make sure my next children also have their own memorable experience. When searching I came across a book that I think (I KNOW!) will come in handy.

An Ex-Disney Employee shares her secrets to how to find the best deal in town! She offers..

best tips, tricks and savings available for a Disney Vacation. Strategies that can literally save you hundreds � if not thousands of dollars.”


Follow the 9 easy steps in my Disney Savings Guide, and you can do it too.”

Check out her book and what she offers. Its an instant download so no need to pay for shipping and wait for it to arrive!

Do you have any tips on how to save money on a family trip? Please share!

And if you see someone with a couple of little kids barreling through the crowds….. you will know that I made my way there too !!

~~ Andrea

Kids… why go outside and play when you can be inside watching TV!!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have only seen a handful of Simpsons in like the 20 years?? they have been on the air. Yet I managed to catch the brilliance that is Homer Simpson in educating his children:

“Why go outside and play when you can be inside watching TV”??

On this lazy Memorial Day weekend, it was beginning to get too hot to go out during certain times of the day, so I felt like cozying up with my kids. But they were coloring and riding their bikes! hmm..what to do.. Well kids have this extra sensory hearing… so I took out the present from my parents that I had stashed away and slowly started to peel away at the plastic wrapping. My kids heard the peeling of paper and ran from doors away to find out what their mother was opening. Yes Homer and I have something in common – I am officially guilty of taking my kids away from nature to fill their innocent minds with destruction and smut that is Hollywood today.  But what FUN it was!!!

I am talking about Cars – The Movie by Disney/Pixar.

Lightning McQueen and Mater I think I was more enthralled than my children.  The unbelievable talent.. the music, the animation, the jokes, the everything! It was just so good! A sign of a good movie is when you leave the theater (computer screen) and are compelled to talk about it.  The kids had other things on their minds – like what else can we get her to let us watch – so I am blogging about it.

Isnt it neat how they make animated film to entertain both children and adults? They find the subtle humor to drop between the lines for their adult crowd, without losing the babies rapt ADD I need constant entertainment attention.

Ok, there now I feel better :).  If you want to find it 2nd hand to add to your collection – here is the current offering available at Ebay



What to Get the GIRL who has it ALL???

May 20th – My neices birthday.

Again the search (oh yes, always belated!) is on to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING that her doting parents, and extremely doting grandparents have not already bought her..

Did you ever notice that when it comes to people who HAVE, you are pressured to get them something NICE, but those who have NOT.. anything will do?? Just one of the unfair ways life work…

Back to my search…

GOOD NEWS!! The Web is CRAWLING with tons of sites sporting URBAN CHIC, UNIQUE, HARD TO FIND, baby and toddler couture.

I find one that intrigues me!

With a location in the East Villiage, PinkOliveBoutique is written up as “shopping at pink olive will be like having grace (the owner) as your own personal shopper you will want to make off with all her stuff!  Rounding out the mix are vintage accessories, handpicked by grace to complement the shop’s current selections.”

Surfing around here, I think I have hit the jackpot! My sis in law is all into education and I can assure you my neice does NOT have these stamps, alphabet cards, or princess booties!!

Check out PinkOliveBoutique

oh.. and Happy Birthday Ayla!

~~~ Andrea

Who Knew?? Think OUTSIDE the Shopping Box

Ah the Beauty of Consumerism…

There is really no boundaries to what someone will offer… if they think you will buy!

You can buy furniture at a pet store, and a pet at a furniture store ?? You can even buy sharp metal objects at the airport that Security will not allow through (another story for another time).

So why should I be surprised that when checking out the aforementioned 1 800 FLowers for a Mothers Day gift (although I had no business placing an order only yesterday :(), I came across the following Cute ADORABLE, and mostly Cuddly Items for Me and my Baby..!

This is a baby caterpillar. The plushness leaps out at you, doesnt it??

This baby (#4) has been all about organizing my place, so this hamper set up seems awesome!

These are definitely intended to become your babies NEW BEST FRIEND!

Last… my personal FAVE – the Burt Bee’s Sampler. In fact some people still owe me a gift. Perhaps I should send them this way. To use my baby as an excuse to test out all the great products is really too good to be true.

So next time you need a gift, think outside the box and try 1-800-FLOWERS.COM!!

~~ Andrea and AJ

Happy Mothers Day + Happy Birthday to ME!

Everyone knows it stinks to have 2 days where you are spoiled so close together. Inevitably you will get ripped off!

But enough about Me.

Now lets talk about what you can buy ME 🙂

or YOUR Mother, or Mother in Law, daughter, stepwhatever, grandmother, sister in law, sister, etc…Unless your budget can include Gucci, Prada, or Chanel., you would be surprised how well the timeless classic of FLOWERS would suffice.

Check it out –

Send flowers from $24.99 at 1-800-Flowers.com!

~ Andrea

Get Ready for Summer Early!

If you are anything like me, and from the generation when Sun Worship was THE favorite pastime, sometime Mid August you wake up and realize you aren’t 16 anymore and say… ‘I REALLY must start putting Sunscreen on’!

With baby skinned children comes the HUGE responsibility of taking care of their skin protection. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and Global Warming is doing its’ share of damage. I don’t want to scare you, so lets get to the point. It is especially now, when you dont feel the sun as hot as the summer months, that children spend more time outside, and need to be protected:

Mustela Very High Sun Protection Lotion SPF50

Mustela Suntan LotionFor the face and body of babies and children. Essential during very first exposure to the sun. 100% mineral filter, fragrance-free, water-resistant.Rich, water-resistant cream ensures double protection: on the surface and at the cellular level: Ensures optimal surface protection from the sun with an extra-broad spectrum (IR /long and short UVA/UVB rays) with mineral filters and their reflective power (titanium dioxide-iron and zinc oxide). Helps protect the skin at a cellular level: A unique combination of zinc salts and natural plant active ingredients (Aloe vera and Soy phytosterols containing Vitamin E) provides protection: – of the natural defenses of the skin. – against free radicals, which are recognized to cause premature aging of the skin. Mustela offers a wide variety of Sunblock.

Kids Wash Their Hands. Kids Brush Their Teeth. Kids Wear Sunscreen. PERIOD

~~ Andrea

G-d Bless The Swaddle!

Parents of the last decade know these 2 facts:

1) Babies should be put to sleep on their backs.

2) Babies that sleep on their backs are unable to control their reflexes, causing them to flail their arms, waking themselves up.. and you guessed it.. waking you up.

Certainly the discovery that putting an infant to sleep on it’s back could be lifesaving has helped many mothers sleep at night, yet placing them on their backs has nullifed that!

So what is the solution? The most fantastic creation ever, my first pick of the picks, my dont leave home without, my new best friend.

Swaddle MeThe SWADDLE.

The Swaddle is a glorified blanket that is created in a way to envelop your child snugly, arms, legs and all, ala the womb, to lull them into a reflexless, spasmless, blissless sleep.

It was very hard for me to use at first. I am claustrophobic and here I was placing my baby in a straightjacket! It seemed inhumane.

Unfortunately my son isnt as into the swaddle as some of his friends, but since I am a WAHM (work at home mom), I have the luxury of allowing him to nap on his stomach while I work right next to him.

The Swaddles are very affordably priced, considering their awesome value!
Have a good nights sleep – on me! Buy the Swaddle Me!

~ Andrea & AJ ~