Excellent step-by-step video on how to bathe your newborn

Whatt??!! They showed you how to bathe your baby ONCE in the hospital, and now you’re supposed to do it on your own???

Let’s face it: You’re sunk (pun intended 🙂 ). After all, if you hold on to him too tightly, you’ll break him–but if you don’t hold on tightly enough, he’ll drown.

I recommend watching this video a few times and then doing a dry run (pun intended again…) with a doll (no, seriously).

Then go for it! It’ll be fine. Really.

And one more thing: Does your newborn HATE being bathed? If so, stop torturing him! After all, how dirty could he possibly be? Keep his bottom clean (duh), and wipe the spit-up from the creases in his neck with a warm washcloth. One bath a week (MAYBE two, but I am not convinced) should be plenty. He’ll grow up a bit, and then it will start to be fun for the both of you.