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Child Modeling - What You Need to Know

When you enter the world of child modeling, there is a lot to learn. It's kind of like show business, but on a smaller scale. There is a booking agent, a photographer, a director and a producer, among many others. They all work together to make a commercial, billboard, or print advertisement using a young model.

The booking agent for child modeling is the person who you will work most closely with. Selecting this person is something parents have complete control over. Agents should be chosen with care after a lot of research on your part. This person represents many clients who are looking for children to model in their advertisements.  Devote some time to cultivating a good relationship with your agent, for they will be your link to profitable jobs or "gigs". When they hear of a client's search for a child model, they can recommend yours for the booking. You will have little to no control over the rest of the crew, so it is especially important to like and trust the booking agent.

Art directors design the print advertisements and television commercials for child modeling. With the copywriter, they are part of a team that chooses models, hires photographers, and organizes the process of putting ads together. The art director is primarily responsible for the visual look and feel of the creative product as well as the concept. They are the ones who decide what model is chosen, which photographer will shoot the project, what the child model will wear, and what they will do and say. If the particular model they have chosen is having a bad day, art directors are the ones who make the call to get another model. An art director must ensure that the end result of a particular advertisement looks and feels the same as the concept.

Child modeling photographers are experts at getting great shots of children. They have help from assistants called "Baby Wranglers", who make sure that the children are happy and reacting to the theme of the advertisement while in front of the camera. The wranglers will make sure food is available for hungry children, and that toys are close by for entertainment.

Producers for child modeling engagements are the people who manage the commercial production process and watch the budget for an advertising agency. If a producer likes what they see, your child could be chosen to appear in films. Just like Brooke Shields and Jodie Foster, modeling could be the start of a fabulous career in the movies for your child.

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