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Cot Death Syndrome

Cot death and the cause has been one particular field of work many doctors have so far struggled to come to grips with. We have heard of the wrong sort mattress sponges being harmful. We have heard all kinds of advice on what not to do to ensure the safety of a baby. We are told that there has been a downward trend in cot deaths after the advice not to place the child facing down. But in all they seem to still be struggling to find the real and deadly cause of this terrible phenomena.

Most recently we are hearing that they now think some babies are genetically deficient in some way and others have some form of illness that could make them fall to this the fatal condition.

One thing is for sure. When a mother loses her child it must be the most devastating personal tragedy she has possibly ever encountered. So what of the mothers that have lost two children and worse, even three from one family? What then? Its usually prison for the dastardly mother who has killed her children. Most experts for the prosecution seem to think in straight lines and say one death is possible, two is suspicious and three is proof of guilt. This thinking might now be reconsidered in the light of newer thinking on the subject.

Yes, it is possible for a mother to kill her children and cover it up by saying it must be cot death. I just do not believe the vast majority are caused this way. However, as a dowser and I hope a sensible person that can balance the probabilities of fact and fiction, it seems to me that we as dowsers may very well know the answer but have not questioned our selves thoroughly enough on this very disturbing subject. Maybe we are in some form of denial on the subject. I say 'maybe' we should stick our heads above the parapet and say what we know.

Some of the things that are well established in our field of work is, it is known that babies are sometimes seen crawled up in to the corner or one end of a cot and found fast asleep. Other babies seem to cry all the time. Yet when the cot is moved to another room the problem seems to disappear. We know about dowsing for negative and positive lines that cross the globe and for deep underground water and other problems causing negativity that can stress those living within these negative fields.

We have people that are Geopathically Stressed. Having map dowsed a clients home some years ago and returned the plan for her to inspect, which I must say seemed not too bad as the one negative line that went through her house was close to a wall roughly where the door lock was to their bedroom. The bed was completely clear and she was notified that her house was found to be fine to live in and she had no cause to worry about being Geopathically Stressed by what I had found.

To my amazement, the lady in question was tearful and explained the reason for coming to the BSD and then to me was that she felt she was losing her mind. This problem had created a terrible stress in her marriage. I never want to know ahead of time the actual complaint as it could colour my findings but following the dowsing exercise and returning the plan to her duly completed she then told me her specific problem. She had complained that when she awoke to go to the bathroom during the night she had a tingling sensation down her left hand side of her body going out of the room and a similar sensation to the right hand side of her body going back in to the room. I thought we might have ghosts, she said, but I do not believe in them. However, something was causing her these sensations.

Having seen the one line I had drawn in she immediately understood the problem and could then deal with it in her own way. It was clear to me that she was very sensitive to this particular negative line. Over the years I have come across a few people that say that they can actually feel depressed when sitting in the wrong place and then move to another seat and find themselves feeling better. Last year there was a case of a Cambridge collage student who went to sleep during the day on a sofa and she inexplicably died of what the coroner said was cot death syndrome.

All this seems to add weight to there being an outside influence acting in some way. A young lady at Cambridge who was healthy with no known illness at the time simply died. A tingling sensation felt walking thorough a negative line. Babies attempting to get out of the way of something they obviously don't like.

Doctors and scientists have been struggling to find the cause of cot death syndrome, and in my view they may nearly have the truth. However, in any form of research the final truth can be ever elusive and take many more years before it is nailed once and for all and then maybe we can get the bottom of this terrible problem that sometimes runs in families. Yet aren't all the clues there in human knowledge, a puzzle that needs to be put together in some coherent way to form the final picture?

We as human beings are as varied as the pebbles on the beach. We are not all alike and thank God for that. There are the strong, the brilliant, and unfortunately the weak and those that suffer many kinds of ailments and are far from being healthy.

All babies are different, each having its own characteristics. My theory, if I may call it that says we are all made to survive on our own with our involuntary functions ensuring our hearts pump away, digestive systems work as they should and the nervous system that connects all parts of our bodies and brain are in tip top condition with a little current of electricity racing through the nerves from one point to another. However in some cases, especially in the very young, either by a genetic defect or simply because the system has not fully developed as yet or even an illness that dampens the ability for the nervous system to function properly.

Added to the above, should the baby or even an apparently healthy young lady, as in the case of the collage student mentioned above, be subjected to Geopathic stress, in my view could further dampen their ability to function properly and even shut down, or at least severely dampen the electrical signals that are normal, causing the cessation of breathing and then heart failure.

As an example, what can happen to electrical equipment when there is a massive electro magnetic pulse?. With electricity the electrons speed up through the circuits and in the case of some sun spot eruptions and also with Atomic Detonations equipment can be damaged by this invisible but factual phenomena. EMP causes a form of super conductivity. What happens is an illustration that outside forces that are completely invisible and fairly rare but can have a bearing on how things work.

In my theory it is the opposite end of the electro conductivity scale that I am very much concerned with.

The electrical pulses through our nervous and cell systems are relatively low. Anything that might dampen it such as an illness or a genetic fault or even a system not yet used to coping by its self, as in the case of a baby that depended on mothers heart to do much of the work, and now possibly still not quiet ready for the big world find themselves in difficulties because they have their cot placed in a negative area of the house.

I would say that some babies might have died anyway because of illness or genetic fault in some way. However, I would also say that children at risk ought to be placed in neutral areas of the house and never in a place that could Geopathically Stress them. Even better is to identify a good positive line and place the cot correctly in line with it to make best use of the recuperative powers afforded by it. I have never heard of any harm that could come to any one thus placed.

The medical profession is in the dark ages concerning this particular problem. As with all human endeavours, we always find a way to move our knowledge forward. On this occasion the doctors might be dealing with something out of their immediate field of expertise. In which case, if Geopathic Stress or some form of negativity in the home will never come to them as a contributory factor, unless there is specific research on the matter.

Maybe we might have some thought on the subject and help end this terrible waste of life.

John E. Emin

I can be contacted at drsco.emin@lineone.net

Article originally published by the British Society Of Dowsers.

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