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Children's Games

Welcome to our section of home-made games for small children. These kid-tested games teach numbers, math, colors, hand-eye coordination and help children get used to computer use as well.

* Moving Square (ages 3-4)
This introductory game teaches young children how to move the mouse in order to "catch" a moving square.
* Moving Image (ages 5-6)
This introductory game teaches young children how to click the mouse in order to change direction of a moving object.
* Jumping Block (ages 4-5)
This introductory game teaches young children how to click the mouse in order to change the position of a block.
* Colors Matching Game (ages 3+)
Teaches children to look for and select matching colors.
* Adding Game (ages 5+)
For children who know how to add but need to practice.
* Subtraction Game (ages 5+)
For children who know how to subtract but need to practice.

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Baby title Green Eggs and Ham Game by Dr. Seuss
This bestselling easy-reader classic by Dr. Seuss is a favorite in many families. Now you can play the Green Eggs and Ham Game (on a boat or with a goat, if you wish). The goal is to match picture cards with spaces on the game board, and after three matches you get to taste some green eggs and ham by jumping ahead to the next square featuring that favorite treat. It's a fun and quick-moving game with simple rules that children can easily grasp. Some reading is required. Try it, try it soon we say, you may like it - yes, you may! The Green Eggs and Ham Game comes with a game board, four playing pieces, 15 picture cards, and instructions. Green Eggs and Ham Game is for two to four players.

Baby title Card Game: One Fish Two Fish by Dr. Seuss
Young fans of Dr. Seuss couldn't ask for a better deal. University Games has bundled together two fun card games--each based on a beloved book by Seuss--in one pleasing package. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Go Fish! is a colorful, preschool-friendly version of the family favorite, Go Fish. Every card features a number and a color ("six fish, blue fish," for example), and players can make matched pairs out of either. As in the traditional game, the player with the most pairs wins. Horton Hears A Who! is a bit more complex. Players compete to find all three Who cards and Jo-Jo (the littlest Who). The hidden objective is to save the Whos from being dropped into a pot of boiling beezle-nut oil. The animals--other than Horton, of course - don't believe in the existence of Whoville, which sits on the clover they're threatening to drop into the pot unless they hear the Whos yell. But the Whos can't be heard until the last remaining Whos add their voices to the clamor. Both games can be played by two or more. One Fish, Two Fish is for ages 3 and older, and Horton for ages 4 and older.

* Baby Place Jokes!
Read and rate our joke of the week, and check out the joke archives. Submit your joke/anecdote and we will give you credit!
* UpToTen
A portal for kids. UpToTen offers over 500 games and activities in a safe and fun learning environment, plus links to other sites for kids.
* CYKE-Cyber Knowledge and Emotion
Take a ride with the E. Motion Express and find out how to help Monkey, Sandy, Piggy, and Tripitaka with their feelings. Watch out for the Bully Boys: T-Bone, Dr. Madcow, Sergeant Steer, and Mr. Bullderdash. They're out to do the Bull King's dirty work and throw our friends' feelings off track.
* Special For Kids
Contains a Zoo Adventure Book, a Wildlife Coloring Book (soon to be expanded with a Sealife Coloring Book), and two free online Wildlife and Sealife Puzzle pages.
* The Planet W
Portal of games, a science lab and free movies.
* Lara's free games
Free online games for kids.
* Dog Daze Home Page
Classic Atari 2-player games for children and adults, now available for free to download and run under Windows.
* LearningPlanet.com
Online games for children preschool and up.
* Jelly Bean Jungle
Visit Jellybean Jungle, color in the characters, play hide & seek, connect the dots and test your memory. You can even sing along with the characters on the Jellybean Jukebox.
* Classic Pooh Bear and Friends
Here you will find Pooh games, cross stitch patterns, poems, hums, Pooh pictures and more.
* Amic Games - JigSaw 4000
A fun jigsaw puzzle game for PC with a huge collection of beautiful jigsaws, (over 450), made from awesome photography. All the well known features included. Try the free demo now.
* Wheels! 3-D Action Game for Disabled Kids
Wheels is a 3D action game, like the ones that able-bodied kids play, but with many changes necessary for disabled kids.
* The Original Bimini Ring Game, Ringmaster
This is educationally relevant, effective, fun for all ages, tough and affordable. It also develops skill, improves eye & hand coordination, enhances concentration, it's safe, helps develop rhythm, simple to install, relieves stress, great gift, just good all around clean fun for all.
* Pauly's Playhouse
Features online interactive games and activities for children, 3 and up.
* IcaPuz Free Online Play Area
Choose from 15,750 jigsaws to play online. Kids have their own section with 3 sub-categories.
* iKnowthat.com
A place on the web for kids and their families to be excited about learning, imagining, and creating.
* M3D Inc.
M3D Inc., an acronym for Music in 3 Dimensions, is a computer animation company devoted to creating children's multimedia products with an emphasis on education through music and art.
* Fun-Attic Great Game List
Unique games, physical education lesson plans, and activities for all levels of play, including the disabled.
* Childrens Television Workshop, the official home of Sesame Street
CTW, the official home of Sesame Street, features parenting and preschool content, games, and activities all featuring your favorite Sesame Street Muppets.
* PrimaryGames.com
Play games designed by a teacher to learn about the ABC's, numbers, holidays, and more. Read ebooks, send postcards, or print coloring pages, stationery, and certificates too.
* Lil' Fingers Storybooks
Lil' Fingers storybooks are animated stories for parents to read with their kids. Stories are presented with large text and big buttons for Little fingers to click on.
* Disney.com
Where the magic lives on.
* MyABCD for Kids
MyABCD is an animated educational 1-4 year old's program - free demo with lots of games.
* Funschool.com
Free interactive educational games for kids from preschool to sixth grade.
* Giggle Poetry
A fun site for children created by Meadowbrook Press. Enter their limerick contest and read the hilarious poetry of Bruce Lansky.
* ALFY - The Web Portal for Kids
A fun and educational mega site for children worldwide, with lots of interesting activities and links.
* Coloringbook.com
Online and offline coloring book for kids.
* KidsComJr
Activities and games for young children.