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Health and Medical Services

Health Services for You and Your Baby

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* Genesis Consultants, Inc.
A therapeutic and educational center for women, men, couples, children and families.
* Cures Allergy and Related Disease
Introducing a technique called NAET which claims to elimiate allergies, intolerance, hypersensitivity toward physical, nutritional, emotional factors and their related diseases.
* HealthCare Savings Plus
50% or more in savings in health care. Save on vision, medications, vitamins, and more.
* MediChecks.com
MediChecks.com provides paternity testing, health screening and other tests to enable you to take charge of your own future health and well-being.
* Ameriplan Dental Health Plan - America's Premier Dental Plan
Affordable alternative to expensive insurance based health plans.
* Osteopathy
Online information about Osteopathy as well as network of Osteopaths.
* Orchid Cellmark
Lab for DNA testing of child paternity.
* Affordable Dental Plans
Online search of dental plans in local areas.
* Affordable Dental Plan
Dental plan savings up to 80% off w/ free vision, Rx and Chiropractic.
* Philippe J Abimelec
Dermatologist and a consultant in nail diseases and surgery at Saint-Louis Hospital, and a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. (French site)
* Healthcare Savings
Immediate healthcare savings for doctors, hospitals, long term care, Rx-drugs, dental, hearing, vision, chiropractic, 24-hour nurse and more.
* Health Insurance Quote Plans
Health insurance quotes for families, individuals and groups.
* Health Insurance Quotes
Free quotes from leading health insurance companies.
* Health Insurance Finders
Online travel insurance portal offering plan choices from multiple insurance companies. Also offering health, dental, and life insurance for all 50 U.S. states.
* NaturEar, LLC
Hearing aids for moderate to severe hearing loss.
* Care Entree Healthcare Savings Programs
Group and individual non-insurance medical bill savings on hospitals, doctors, dentist, vision and hearing, chiropractors, long term care, etc.
* Pediatric Dental Health
Provides information, resources, and answers for enhancing the oral and dental health of children.
* Healthy Within
Healthy Within is an intensive day treatment and outpatient program for males and females, adolescents and adults struggling with eating disorders. The website also has tips for parents dealing with a child with an eating disorder.
* The Postpartum Stress Center
Diagnostic evaluation and treatment of postpartum depression and other emotional disorders related to pregnancy and the postpartum period.
* Birth Defect Research for Children
Parent services, research and prevention related to birth defects.
* Center for Assisted Reproduction
Treatment for infertility by doctors of reproductive endocrinology.
* Physician.com
Physician.com offers a world of medical and healthcare information, tools, and services.

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