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Infant Modeling - Is It For Your Baby?

Your little darling is the most beautiful child on earth in your eyes. So how can you tell if he's cut out for a career as an infant model? If you have toyed with the idea of getting your baby into infant modeling, there are some important things to consider. Before you start seeking out an infant modeling agency, take an objective look at your precious little one and ask yourself these questions:

  • How does your baby react to strangers?

Infant modeling will expose your little one to lots of new people. If she's afraid of unfamiliar faces, and this fear leads to fussy behavior, be cautious about forging ahead. Keep in mind that at certain stages of development, all babies are shy of strangers. Timing is important.

  • Can you leave your infant for a short time without hysteria taking over?

There will be times during infant modeling when your presence will distract baby, and in order to get the desired shots, the photographer may want to separate you and your infant briefly. Perhaps you will feel uncomfortable about being separated, too. Be sure to do your homework ahead of time and assure yourself that your baby is safe. Babies can detect fear, and take their cue from mom and dad.

  • Is your little one a good traveler?

Infant modeling will probably be a whole new lifestyle for your family. One of the many perks is an all-expenses-paid trip for your family! But all of this activity and travel can take its toll on everyone. Travel can be a very exciting or draining experience, depending on baby's disposition. You are the expert on your child and know how to ensure baby's comfort by having a good supply of diapers, and providing meals and naps on time. Playtime is important too!

  • Does your baby (and you too) have the personality for infant modeling?

Infant modeling is professional modeling, with all the joys and challenges that come with it. Temperament and personality are major factors in your baby's success. Schedules are tight, last minute calls are common, and nap times are not a consideration of the agencies looking for that perfect infant, right NOW. Flexibility is a must, as is punctuality.

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