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Nursing Stores & Products

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* Baby Place Bookstore
If you're interested in learning more about breastfeeding, come visit our bookstore. Feel free to browse!
* Breastfeeding
Looking for information and resources for breastfeeding? Come visit our breastfeeding page to find everything you need.

* Motherhood-nursingwear
Get your basics - including bras, woven tops, nightgowns, accessories, and diaper bags at one of the most trusted names in clothing for Moms.
* Amazon
Amazon carries a large selection of products and has a name you can trust. Check out the customer reviews of each item to help you make your decision.
* Breastfeeding Essentials
Large selection of breastfeeding products: Medela, Avent, Lansinoh and more. Breast and nipple care items, nursing apparel, nursing bras, herbs to enhance lactation, resource books, the My Brest Friend nursing pillow, Avent bottle-feeding supplies, etc.
* Nine Months Etc
Nursing bras, breastpumps, Leachco products, baby gifts, breastfeeding information.
* Easy Expression Products, Inc.
The Easy Expression Halter holds breast pump shields to a woman while she expresses breast milk, so her hands are free to do other things.
* Adiri Breastbottle Nurser
When breastfeeding may not be possible, the Breastbottle nurser provides a soft,comforting alternative. It is the next best to breastfeeding. The patented design reduces nipple confusion and colic.
* Birthcare
Quality, affordable breastpumps, breastfeeding accessories, and breast care products by Medela.
* The Baby Bungalow
Offering breast pumps, accessories and everything a new mom and baby would need.
* BumbleWee Nursing Wear
Online store selling nursing tops and pajamas as well as nursing accessories such as nursing bras and nursing covers.
* Breastpumps by Medela from KonzaBaby
Why pay more? Discount prices on Medela products plus RN lactation support since 1989.
* Babytalk
Medela breastpumps, accessories and all the replacement parts. Plus maternity/nursing bras, hose. Shipping the same day you order.
* Add A Little Love
Medela Breast pumps and accessories and coming soon, Bravado Intimate Apparel.
* The Upper Breast Side
New York City's first Breastfeeding Boutique.
* Mother & Baby Lactation Connection
Mother & Baby supplies all your breastfeeding needs from quality Medela & Ameda breastpumps to nursing bras 32A-50J and much more.
* Breastfeeding Supplies from Family Resources
Free shipping (US) and low prices on the internet's largest selection nursing bras, pumps, bags, slings, fashions and gadgets. In business over 18 years. IBCLC lactation consultant on staff.
* Breastfeeding Basics
Lots of information about breastfeeding as well as quality nursing products.
* My Brest Friend Feeding Pillow
Breastfeeding benefits. Instructions on how to breastfeed. Information on overcoming common breastfeeding challenges. Features and benefits of the My Brest Friend Feeding Pillow.
* The Nursing Store
Breastfeeding supplies, featuring Medela and Ameda Egnell breast pumps. Free shipping on all products.
* Expressiva Elegant Nursingwear
Elegant nursingwear for modern moms. Expressiva specializes in career and special occasion clothing for breastfeeding mothers. None of our styles look like nursingwear from the outside. But all make nursing/pumping simple and discreet.
* Self Expressions- breastpumps and breastfeeding supplies
Medela breast pumps,(Pump In Style, Lactina, and new DoubleEase breast pumps), nursing bras, nursing pillows, and baby slings.
* Mother's Milkmate
Mother's Milkmate is a breastmilk storage system, designed as an alternative to the use of plastic bags for storing and freezing breastmilk. It is a product of convenience, ecological, and economical benefit.
* Maternity Stop
The Maternity Stop provides quality maternity clothing at affordable prices. We also carry handmade baby quilts, crib bedding and other baby items. Shop with us on-line.
* Birth Experience
FAQs, online store, breastfeeding support from lactation consultant & physician.
* Nursing Mother Supplies
Overwhelmed by all the breastpumps available? This site will help you choose the best one to meet your needs.
* Earthbaby
Natural products for babies and breastfeeding moms. Maya Wrap baby slings and much more. Secure online ordering.

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