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Re: sleep issues - poor self soother

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Posted by Helen Mcknight on January 14, 2003 at 20:08:40:

In Reply to: Re: sleep issues - poor self soother posted by Kathy S. on January 14, 2003 at 16:47:21:

: My son is now just over 9 months and is still not "self-soothing" nor is he sleeping through the night. He's also always slept far less than what the Books say is normal.

: Several people told me I needed to "Ferberize" my baby; i.e., let him cry himself to sleep. It broke my heart. Besides, it just doesn't feel natural. I recently purchased a book at Amazon called "THE NO CRY SLEEP SOLUTION." It has some great ideas - all of which do not involve suffering of parents or baby. I'd give it a look. I've been using techniques for a week, and am seeing some results. Particularly in setting up a bedtime routine schedule for my baby.

: Good luck.

Well you know, I hate to let my little one cry, but I have two other children who sleep in the same room as her and have to get up in the morning for school (ages 10and7).they need breakfast made,lunches packed,etc. I would get up sooo exhausted in the morning. I wasn't playing with my other kids the way I had before. I would skip reading to them at night b/c I wanted to catch a few ZZZ's before the little one woke back up. I am not saying "ferberize" is for everyone but "its working for me" and never once did I let my Baby SUFFER(nor do I). I go in when she needs me to.I never let her cry to the point where she is hysterical. I just let her know that I am not coming to get her right away like I have in the past. I had to make a decision and my other two were suffering b/c of it.So please don't put down my suggestion b/c it's not your thing and make me feel like i let my baby suffer. I am trying to help by giving Vanessa options on what to try.in the end it is up to Vanessa to make the decision on what works for her. My daughter is still not sleeping very well and that is b/c she knows Mommy will be coming to calm her down and give her what she needs.

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