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Re: ? For Steve please

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Posted by Tammy on February 04, 2003 at 18:21:14:

In Reply to: Re: ? For Steve please posted by Phil on February 04, 2003 at 18:09:16:

: What am I -- chopped liver? Maybe I've been too mean in past posts, but I'm trying to nice it up a little.

: Anyway, here's my opinion: The Dad's are just slacking off 'cause they can get away with it. Get tough with them! Refuse to change diapers, make them get milk ready (help them if they say they are worried they'll do it wrong). What a load of junk they are pulling! "I'm too afraid I'll hurt her because of my big hands." PLEASE! I'll bet he'd be able to find some gentleness in those big hands if he had a '67 Mustang in the garage. No doubt he'd baby those leather seats and make sure his HUGE hands didn't mess them up! Tell him to treat your daugter as nicely as he'd treat those leather seats!

: Believe it or not, I never tried that ploy with my wife I am too afraid of her. She'd kick my butt if I tried to get away with that!

: Seriously, if he's able to change her diaper when you are away, he can do it when you are there. If your talking with him didn't work then play hardball. When she needs to be changed, pick her up and put her in his lap. Then go to the bathroom and stay there until he's done his job. If she's crying to be changed, that's all the better because he'll do it, just to get her to stop crying! Remember... whoever flinches first, loses. So get tough!

: Good luck and let us know how it goes!!

: Holy cow! I just realized that I've broken rule 63-437 in the code of men!! Steve, please don't report me!!

: See Debbie and Lori K? I'm not good-for-nothing!!

Phil i havent see any of ur post me sowwy. i do not allow her to cry, he will for a long time it dont faze him to let her cry... kinda funny that u using cars as an example he is a machanic lol

I have told him to change her b4 and walked out of the room and find him bring her to me and tellin ME to change her lol i have held out for over 1 hour i dont want her botay to get sore from it so i change her... i will try again :)

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