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Re: ? For Steve please

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Posted by tammy on February 04, 2003 at 20:43:21:

In Reply to: Re: ? For Steve please posted by Lucia on February 04, 2003 at 20:23:01:

: : : : : I have the same problem. I'm pg with #3 and my DH won't do sh** with the other 2. Why am I pg again? lol. Just the other day I asked him to take the kids for a walk, he wouldn't, so I did. I'm 6 mths pg! Then I asked him to play catch with my oldest, 7, he didn't. So there I was, a big fat pg chick, playing catch, helping my 3 yr old skate, and trying to cook dinner! Why do we put up with this? My husband, no lie has only changed 4 diapers. When my daughter was in diapers I had to change her right before I left or take her with me, cause he wouldn't change her!

: : : : : : The bathroom trick might work in that case. Good luck!!

: : : : Why do you put up with it? He better bring a huge pay check home, if it was my DH he would be out of the door! I can't believe there are still women out there who let their husbands treat them as slaves! Don't you have a voice in your own house? After all he did make these kids too right? Oh! well, no sense going mad over it, my DH is well trained! Lucia

: : : yes i get the HUGH pay check he works 12 to 18 hours a day 6 dates a week :)... im NOT a slave i DO take care of my kids, if i was a slave i would jump to his needs NOT! ! ! i dont believe in a 'trained' DH what is he a puppy LOL as far as out the door i did that with my boyz dad an they havent seen nor hear from their so called dad i 5 years.. and i will NOT do that to my daughter and put man that DOES care because he will not change a diaper or fix a bottle

: : At least he brings money home! hehehehehe! If he is so nice why are you complaining?
: By the way I didn't post that reply to you but to the lady whose husband makes her do everything (cook, take care of her other 2 kids, clean and slave) without helping her! She is also 6 months pregnant!

OOh ok me sorry then the reason im complaining is that its to see a daddy do things other than PLAY with the kids.... i watch other daddy's out feedin, changin babies. i think that it would b kinda nice to be able to cook dinner with out havin to stop and change a poppie diaper lol or able to go somehere with out her attached at my hip like a growth lol.. i did ask him tonight when he was gonna start and he told me when she is older and i asked him college LOL he knew i was mad at dinner when i was cookin she needed changed and i said i if u wanna eat a HOT meal then i think its time that you hooked up with a Huggie and a wipe.. did it work nope not at all 45 minutes later she was still smelly :S

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