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Re: intercourse with daddy

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Posted by Kim on February 10, 2003 at 12:31:35:

In Reply to: Re: intercourse with daddy posted by nikki on February 09, 2003 at 22:28:51:

: : : : : i had two layers of stitches, whatever that means... daddy and i have fooled around alittle already, to put it bluntly, he slid the very very tip in just a wee bit, but not even the whole head. i have examined myself and i look pretty much healed near my vagina, but i'm not sure about the part closer to my anus. also, i am worried about my husband's size. he is larger than average, and i don't look like i used to down there. i am worried that i am much smaller (tighter) now and that he will hurt me. i have been told that i would lose my sex drive after delivery, but i have found just the opposite to be true. i want it just as bad and often as daddy, but so far, he is the only one getting satisfaction... hopefully that can change soon bc mommy is getting very annoyed. should i or shouldn't i wait until i see the doc? and should i call to make the appointment or will the doc's office callme?

: : : : she/he will still tell u to wait until ur 6 wek check up... take a cold shower lol that is what i had to do... im just askin are you on birth control? 2 layer of stitches means that you have stitches on the inside and outside of the ones that u can see

: : : yes, just started the first pill today, plan to use condoms for a while, though. why did i need two layers of stitches? maybe my perinial tissue was too thick? does anyone know? also, i think i might have a hemmoroid. how do i know for sure?

: : did u have to push for a long time? most people get 2 sets if they had to b cut... if u feel pulling down there and had a hard 2nd stage f labor then u might have Vaginal hemmoroids.

: no i only pushed for total of about 45 min. no feel pulling. i meant anal hem..

On the anal roid, it burns and itches. When you wipe it hurts like !@#$@ and if you look, you;ll see a little bulge sticking out! Gross! Prep-H and tucks work really well. When the swelling is down, you need to pop it back in with your finger, again, GROSS! The sex thing though, if you feel like trying, try. How old is your baby? My Dh was in the Service the last 4 mths of my pg and came home for the birth and only got to stay 2 wks. So 3 days after I had my baby, we were at it agian!lol. It hurt at first, but we were careful. He didn't cum inside though, as I was scared of that since I just had a baby! I ripped with delivery so I only had a few stiches that were gone in 2 days. The reason they say wait is that your cervix is not closed up tight for awhile and if you get any kind of bacteria in there you can get infected. See what the Dr says, to be safe!

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