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Re: sleep issues - poor self soother

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Posted by helen on February 19, 2003 at 17:15:42:

In Reply to: Re: sleep issues - poor self soother posted by Kathy on January 28, 2003 at 13:25:04:


: : : Several people told me I needed to "Ferberize" my baby; i.e., let him cry himself to sleep. It broke my heart. Besides, it just doesn't feel natural. I recently purchased a book at Amazon called "THE NO CRY SLEEP SOLUTION." It has some great ideas - all of which do not involve suffering of parents or baby. I'd give it a look. I've been using techniques for a week, and am seeing some results. Particularly in setting up a bedtime routine schedule for my baby.

: : : Good luck.

: :
: : you don't have to let them cry them selves to sleep, just learn their cries and mine just calls out, i know the difference.If you can't do that then stop complaining and stay up all night then.

No it's not that I was angry(and I am a good mother) ,it's just you posted your comments and it sounded like you were putting down our suggestions,I suggested "ferberize" and instead of making your suggestion on what she could to to help her baby sleep,you commented on how cruel "ferberizing" was. Like I said it is working for me and I was giving her suggestions not putting everyone else down.and I know it is hard to read whether someone is angry thru letters.I was not nor am I now.It's hard to express feelings, so next time don't jump by saying we might treat our kids wrong.Sorry about the confusion, It just makes me feel small when someone says stuff like "oh don't do that" and etc. Do you know what I mean?? thanks for reading me vent.
: How interesting. I make a suggestion and get some nasty (and rather angry sounding) responses. How pathetic, that you who did respond as such are mothers. I hope this is not the way you treat your children.

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