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Re: Tips on keeping the little one sleeping longer in the AM?

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Posted by Elizabeth on June 18, 2003 at 13:19:30:

In Reply to: Tips on keeping the little one sleeping longer in the AM? posted by Steve (Hannah's Dad) on June 18, 2003 at 11:02:05:

: Our Hannah has started waking up earlier in the morning again, much to our chagrin. I'm looking for any and all tips on getting a child to sleep longer in the morning.

: A little history: Up until fairly recently, Hannah woke up at 4-5am every morning and then came to bed with us and nursed from my wife for a few hours. We stopped doing that and after a few days she was sleeping until 6:30am consistantly and sometimes even past 7am. We were very pleased. The last three mornings, however, she's awakened at 5:50am (crazy, it's been exactly that time every morning) and we've been completely unable to get her to go back to sleep. My wife still gives her a quick nurse downstairs every morning after they get up, and she's said two of the last three mornings Hannah has fallen asleep during that nurse, so it's obvious she's still tired.

: Here's what I've done:

: -Room-darkening shades: They keep the room somewhat darker than dusk.

: -CIO: I'll go in and try to settle her, then let her cry if necessary. She falls asleep for 10-15 minutes and then screams bloody murder.

: -Toys: My wife seems to think toys in the crib are a good idea to keep Hannah occupied. I don't think toys in bed are smart, and Hannah ignores them anyhow, since she just wants us to come get her.

: Any other ideas?

I have mentioned this before and know it sounds crazy and can create a habit but just sharing what did work for both of my babies who would sleep 14-1/2 hours and now are weaned and sleep 12 or 13. I assume Hannah knows how to hold her bottle or sippy cup.

1. Bed time routine - Bath, story, and I sang a song every night, "night-night, night-night for beautiful girls, etc." and put them to bed and tucked them in. With this routine, they always knew it was bedtime.

2. Covering windows with blankets even at naptime or darkening shades.

3. Bottle or sipy cup in crib or bed which they would wake up and doze off to sleep without having to go in their room and wake them up even more. Sometimes if my husband or I woke up to the bathroom around 2 or 3 a.m. or so, we would go in the room when they were asleep and check to see if the cup was empty. If it was, we would fill it up again. Rarely was the cup every empty. It would be empty when they woke up which was around 10:30 a.m.

4. CIO if everything fails.

I am not recommending this to anyone just sharing what worked for me and other people I know.

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